Donald C Bingham

Donald C Bingham

World War II · US Army
World War II (1939 - 1945)
Conflict Period

World War II

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Staff Sargeant

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Service Start Date

20 Nov 1945

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Served For

United States of America

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Stories about Donald C Bingham

    Donald Charles Bingham : Was Born 9-26-1926 in Lafayette , Indiana  ( Tippecanoe County ) to Mildred & Albert Williams .

    He has a Sister , ( still living , in Baysville , Ontario , Canada ) , Joanne , Born Dec 1928 , also in Lafayette , Indiana .

    Don & Joanne were given over , for adoption , to the sister of their Birth Grd Mother ( Grd Mother was ELIZABETH McKENNEY )  .

    Eliz. Sister was Lydia  McKenney - Bingham , wife of Charles Benson Bingham , the 1st VP of Prudential Mortgage & Insurance Co. on Toronto , Ontario , Canada . Both children were adopted within family lines but their last names were changed to BINGHAM .

    Joanne lived with her adoptive Mother , Lydia while Don and a few of his cousins , (also adopted by the Bingham's) was sent back to the USA in Snover-Decker , Michigan  to work and live on the McKenney family farm . The children were given an education .

    Don disliked Farming and was sent to live with an Uncle , John McKenney who had a Hardware Store in Grand Rapids , Michigan until he reached the age of 19 yrs. -- After becoming 19 years old , Don returned to Toronto and asked permission of Charles Bingham to go to the USA , and enlist in the United States Army . --Don Crossed the Border into Buffalo , New York , enlisted into the Army Air Force and chose to go to Hawaii to finish out the last days of WW II . -- I don't know if he actually went to Hawaii , as in 1946 he met my Mother , Doris Marie Johnson at a Summer Resort at Meredith , New Hampshire and they married on Nov 26 , 1946 in my home Town of Quincy , Mass.

    Donald C. & Doris M. Bingham had 5 children : Twins - Donna M . & Paula Jean --1 son : Douglas M. -- Kristine Edith & Linda Lee Bingham

    My Father , Donald C. Bingham was gone much of my life , having served with the US Army in Okinawa , Japan , Vietnam ( several tours there ) .

    My Father stepped out of my life in 1960 and vanished . We saw him only sporadically , as he journeyed between assignments with the ARMY .

    Donald C. never returned to Canada to see his sister , his cousins and never searched for his Birth Mother .  Don passed away in Mobile Alabama at the VA Hospital on Mothers day , May 13 , 2000 .

    He left 5 children , several Grd Children he never knew , He left his younger sister who he never saw after leaving Canada in 1945 , and left several Canadian cousins .

    He also had married at least 3 , maybe 4 times . His widow was a woan named Lois from the area of Phoenix City , Alabama and 2 step sons

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