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Finding My Ancestors

Finding My Ancestors


My great grandfather, Conrad Solter, came to the USA, from Germany, in 1869. He was born in 1842. He died either in 1911 or 1912. He married Fredericka Bearbaum who was born May 12, 1851 and died October 31, 1942. Fredericka was the daughter of August Frank Blauert and Augusta Fredericka Bearbaum. Conrad and Fredericka settled in Jeferson County, Ohio. They had six children: 1. Frank F. Solter 1873-1952 2. Anna Marie Solter 2/21/1877 3. John Solter 1880 4. Emma Solter 5/5/1887 5. Mary Solter 12/15/1880 6. Charles Solter 2/25/1891 Conrad & Fredericka are buried in Crosscreek Cemetery, Wintersville, Ohio in Jefferson County

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I am trying to find all my roots.

  • Germany

My great grandmother was born in Germany and she died 4 years after I was born.  My mother never talked about her with me and I would like to know more about my family.

I know where my great grandparents are buried,  and I visit their graves every Memorial Day.

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