Clampit Brothers marry Cannedy Sisters

  • Illinois and Kansas

** The Clampitt and Cannedy families were connected by the marriage of two of the sons of Obidiah and Cecelia Clampitt to two of the daughters of William Harrison Cannedy and Mahala Allen Cannedy.**

Reiley Clampitt married Sarah Melissa Cannedy.  They were the parents of seven children: George,Pearl,Claude,Belle,Anna,Agnes,and Lelia. Sarah Melissa died July 12th, 1921. Her husband survived her for several years, and made his home with his daughter and son-in-law, Lelia and Lee Manning.

Frank Marion Clampitt married Mary Ann Cannedy.  They moved to Kansas a few years after their marriage, and there their family was raised.  Their children were: Nora, Berdella, Myrtle, Anna, Russell, Edward, William, and Samuel Reiley. The last two named died in childhood while the family lived in Illinois. After the death of Frank Marion Clampitt his widow married Peter Hartman. There were no children of this second marriage.  Mary Ann Cannedy Clampitt-Hartman died Dec. 13th, 1924 in Chanute, Kansas.

The Clampitt Family were Collateral descendants with President Andrew Jackson, Obidiah's mother, Amelia Jackson Clampitt, being the youngest sister of the President.  Obidiah Clampitt and his wife Cecelia Simpson Clampitt , upon coming to Illinois settled first in Belleville,IL. where Cecelia died in 1857. Obidiah and his family of boys moved to Rockbridge in 1865.

Reiley Clampitt-Obidiah Jackson Clampitt (1808-1888) Born in Kentucky. James Clampitt and Amelia Jackson, sister of President Andrew Jackson.

Frank Marion Clampitt-Cecelia Simpson(1819-1857) Born in Tennessee--James Simpson and Susan Holcombe.

**Obidiah Jackson Clampitt is buried in Witt Cemetery, RockbridgeIllinois. **

** Cecelia Simpson Clampitt is buried in Belleville,Illinois.**

** Reiley Clampitt and his wife are buried in Medora Cemetery.**

** Frank Marion Clampitt and his wife are buried in Kansas.**

    source: Book: Greenfield,IL. Sesquicentennial 1834-1984

      I would greatly appreciate knowing how you were able to confirm that Andrew Jackson had any sisters whatsoever??!! I have only be able to confirm he had 2 brothers and both died at very young ages because of the Revolutionary War. So, please let me know where the sisters came into play!!