Samuel Reuben Taylor & Elisabeth Schwebach Courtship and Wedding

Samuel Reuben Taylor & Elisabeth Schwebach Courtship and Wedding


Youth and Teenage Years

  • Long Beach, California & Colorado Springs, Colorado

Samuel was born in Southern California in 1983 as the fourth son of Warren and Stephanie Taylor. He had three older brothers, and one younger sister. Samuel grew up in Long Beach California. During his youth, he was active in the religious and social activities of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (LDS Church) and participated on the high school wrestling team.

Elisabeth was born in Colorado in 1980 as the youngest of six children of Gerhard Schwebach and Janet Peterson. She had 4 older brothers and one older sister. Elisabeth grew up in Colorado Springs. During her high school years, she was a good student and active in her LDS religious faith. She was a good student and active in many youth sports and activities. During her high school years, her favorite subjects were creative writing and journalism, where she served on the staff of her high school newspaper. She also participated on the soccer team and ran cross country.

Missionary Farewell to Serve in Colorado

  • Long Beach, California

During his high school years, Samuel attended early morning Church Seminary classes and diligently prepared himself to serve the Lord on a religious mission. After Sam graduated from high school, his seminary teacher, Jeff Given, taught him how to surf at the beaches of Southern California.

In late December 2003, he received a religious mission call to serve in the Colorado Springs, Colorado Mission.

At his missionary farewell on 22 Feb 2004, all members of his immediate family were in attendance to take memorable photos of that special event. Those pictures were featured on the 2004 Taylor Family Christmas Newsletter.

Where and How Samuel and Elisabeth Met

  • Colorado Springs, Colorado

One of the Church Wards where Samuel served was the Colorado Springs Sixth Ward.   According to LDS tradition, Church members feed their missionaries once a week.  It was at such a meal at the Schwebach home, that Samuel first met Elisabeth and her daughter, Mara Jade Smith, 2 years old.   During this very first visit, Mara Jade, who has a special brittle bone disease medical condition, took an immediate liking to Samuel, as did the Schwebach family, who invited him back for future meals.  Elisabeth’s sister, Heidi, also invited Samuel over for meals, where Elisabeth and Mara Jade would assist.

How Samuel & Elisabeth Got Engaged

  • Denver, Colorado

Elisabeth had received a Father’s blessing years previously that mentioned marriage to a returned missionary.  After Samuel returned to Southern California from his mission, Elisabeth and Samuel kept in weekly phone contact over a period of the next 7 or 8 months time.  On 11 March 2005, Samuel told Elisabeth that he felt strongly that she was the special person he was looking for as a companion.  Two months later, on the weekend of 26 May 2005, Samuel scheduled a flight to visit Elisabeth in Colorado, where he stayed at the home of special friend and missionary supporter, Bob Heydorin.   It was on the temple grounds of the Denver, Colorado Temple that Samuel proposed to Elisabeth and presented her with an engagement ring.

Setting the Wedding Date

  • Colorado Springs, Colorado

In June of 2005, Elisabeth flew to Southern California to meet her prospective in laws and stay 5 days with Samuel’s mother, Stephanie.  Two months later, Samuel moved to Colorado Springs in August 2005 to settle in to that city as a new place to live and to find work at the local Chevrolet car dealership.

Since Elisabeth was sealed in marriage to her former spouse according to the official records or the LDS Church, it was necessary for her to receive a temple marriage annulment before she could marry Samuel in the temple.  The annulment process can take from many months time up to years of waiting.   But for Elisabeth, the way was cleared in just two weeks, much to her happy surprise and grateful amazement.  The temple wedding date of 15 Oct 2005 was chosen for them to be sealed in marriage.

Temple Marriage Wedding

  • American Fork, Utah

On the morning of the wedding, Mother of the Groom Stephanie and her family prepared a wedding brunch in Orem Utah attended by about 35 guests from both sides of the family.

Later that day in the early afternoon, a large wedding party assembled at the Mount Timpanogos Temple on Saturday 15 Oct 2005 to witness the sealing of Samuel and Elisabeth in temple marriage. Pictures on the Temple grounds and at the reception record this happy event.

One week subsequent on 22 Oct 2005, an open house was held in Long Beach California to honor the newly weds.


  • Colorado Springs, Colorado

Samuel and Elisabeth first settled into their own apartment in Colorado Springs, and then moved into their own 3-level town house 15 months later. Their first child was a baby girl, Kathrine Amelia born in 2006, followed by a son John Gerhard born in 2007.