Horsfield-Freeland Saga

Horsfield-Freeland Saga


Centers on family line of Chloe Holt Freeland and Basil Tourneur Horsfield

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Ex-Mayor's Daughter Marries Chemical Engineer

  • Home of Mayor, Burlington, NC

After a courtship at University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill couple weds in living room of home by father, Burlington ex-mayor, who serves as justice of the peace. After that they depart for Raleigh for a brief stay before they move to Nashville, Tennessee where he takes a job with chemical company. In late spring May 1918 son Basil Junior is born. In 1919 the family moves to Badin, North Carolina where Basil  takes charge of research division for Alcoa, Inc. On September 2, 1919 daughter Alice Holt is born. They move from  "French Apartments" to larger home on Tallassee Avenue. Mary Edith is born eighteen  months later, March 30, 1921;then Francis Donald on September 16, 1922. The last move in Badin is to Henderson Avenue in 1925 to the largest house in house next to the superintendant's. It is on a corner of the park opposite the Badin Theatre, next to the Badin Hospital. The chief doctor builds his house beside it. There they stay unil the Great Depression and the Bank Closing of 1932. That summer the family is transferred to New Kensington, Pennsylvania, center of Alcoa's aluminum plant. They stay there until Basil quits, goes to work for Wiegan,Inc briefly and then is employed by Richard Reynolds to build aluminum plants for his new company, Reynolds Metals.

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