23 Aug 1896 1
May 1985 1

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Full Name:
Phyllis Chesley 1
23 Aug 1896 1
May 1985 1
Last Residence: Salem, NH 1
Social Security:
Card Issued: New Hampshire 1
Social Security Number: ***-**-1268 1

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Lora Rosina Brummer Kincaid

New Hampshire

Lisbon, NH High School Girls Basketball Team

Written by her Great Grandson Devon:   May 15, 2010, marks 100 years since the death of Lora Rosina Brummer Kincaid.

The only reason I know this is because her daughter, Phyllis Chesley, lived with us when I was young. Phyllis also just happened to be my great grandmother. (1896-1985.)

I know little about Lora except what I could put together from old letters and photos left behind by Phyllis. Lora was born in the 1850s, had four children, and lived her entire life in Lisbon, New Hampshire. I did Google the name Lora Brummer once and got a listing from a boarding school in Vermont; I can't find that link now. She was listed as a Sub-Junior, which I am guessing is like a sophomore?

Evidently, at the time of her death, Lora was estranged from her husband Francis (Frank) Kincaid, who had owned a pharmacy in Lisbon.  Also, a 1970s typewritten letter from Phyllis' cousin Reg Brummer mentions that Frank could have been a surgeon if he'd wanted, but couldn't stand the sight of blood. 'Besides, he just wanted to sit on his porch and play his fiddle.'

Lora was in her early 50's when she died of some sort of kidney failure. In another old letter to Phyllis, Reg writes about remembering that day, and how Frank leaned down to kiss her in the coffin one last time.

Phyllis was 13 when her mother died; She was sent to live with an aunt and uncle; One of her cousins, Ed Brummer, later owned the Woodbound Inn in Rindge, New Hampshire, for many many years.

There is also a Brummer Road in Lisbon, NH today.

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