Navy Survivors' Certificates, 1861-1910

Navy Survivors' Certificates, 1861-1910


Case Files of Approved Pension Applications of Civil War and Later Navy Veterans (Navy Survivors' Certificates), 1861-1910, M1469

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    by Craig R. Scott, CG

    This series of images consists of approximately 26,000 approved pension application files of US Navy veterans who served between 1861 and 1910. The applications are commonly referred to as "Navy Survivors' Certificates." Applications prior to their approval were termed "originals." When claims were approved, a new file number was issued and they were then referred to as "certificates." "NSCs" refers to Navy Survivors' Certificates. This series is also known as the "Civil War and Later Navy Survivors' Certificates." They are arranged numerically by certificate or file number, ranging between NSC 707 and NSC 42,035, with gaps.

    The Fold3 description for Navy Widows' Certificates, 1861-1910, M1279, provides background material for records very similar to those within this title.

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