Francis Joseph Galarneau JR & Priscilla Lee Taylor Courtship and Wedding

Francis Joseph Galarneau JR & Priscilla Lee Taylor Courtship and Wedding - Stories


Where and How Joe & Priscilla Met

  • Rutland, Vermont

On the night of April 1, 1971, a male friend of mine, Ralph Whittemore, stopped by my home to kill some time before going bowling. He had a friend with him – Joe Galarneau. (His full name is Francis Joseph Galarneau, Jr., but he always went by the name “Joe” so as not to be confused with his father.) Joe and I talked and seemed to “hit if off”. The next day he called to ask if he could see me. I think we saw (or talked on the phone with each other) nearly every day after that.

We did a lot of talking, getting to know each other. Joe had many of the characteristics I was looking for in a man at that time: he liked spending time with me, he was a great kisser and good looking, he was hard working, he didn’t mind helping around my parent’s house, he liked anything I cooked, he was compassionate and not afraid to show is emotions, and he was OK with whether I wanted children, or not.

How Joe & Priscilla Got Engaged

  • Rutland, Vermont

I graduated from Proctor High School in June of '71.  I was able to work at Ames Dept Store (it was on Cleveland Ave, in Rutland at that time) that summer, due mostly to Joe taking me to and from the job, since I had no vehicle.  This gave us more time to get to know each other.

When I went away to Colby-Sawyer College in NH that fall, he called every day. After one semester at Colby I decided to switch colleges and continue at Rutland Business College. (I liked their system of allowing students to work at their own pace. I was able to complete a 2 yr. business curriculum and graduate in June of 1972, counting my 1 semester at Colby.) By returning home and completing college in Rutland, Joe and I were able to spend even more time getting to know each other. We just seemed to click so well together, it seemed only natural for me to say “yes”, when he asked me if I’d like to go pick out an engagement ring (which we did!).

Setting the Wedding Date

  • Rutland, Vermont

That lead to us setting a date - April 1st 1972 – exactly 1 yr from the day we met.  That particular date happened to be the Saturday before Easter that year, so we had to get special permission from the church to hold a wedding on that date.  We went to some wedding counseling sessions given by the priest, and were granted our special permission, as long as we did not have a Catholic Mass (which we didn’t).  It was a simple wedding vow ceremony, given by the priest.

I had a feeling my parents wouldn’t be very happy about it, and they weren’t.  They liked Joe (who was nearly 7yrs older than I), but thought I was too young. But we were determined…

Planning the Wedding

  • Rutland, Vermont

Mom told me since I thought I was old enough to get married, I was old enough to make all the arrangements for my own wedding.  She allowed me a certain sum of money with which I had to make all the arrangements.  I made my own wedding gown out of white lace and velvet.  I also made all the bridesmaids dresses out of maroon lace and satin.  We got flowers from a flower shop where I had worked in one over the summer.  I asked a friend of the family to play the organ for us.

The Wedding Ceremony and Reception

  • Rutland, Vermont

Dad Taylor walked me down the aisle, but refused to attend the reception because there was going to be alcohol there (It was BYOB).

After the Ceremony, we went to the photographers to have wedding photos taken, and then on to the reception at the Mendon Town Hall, where the party was in full swing, with an accordion player for music.

Because Joe had to work, and I had college, we did not go on a honeymoon. 13 years later Mom Taylor took us on a trip to Hawaii (with money left over from the wedding), which I always considered as our “honeymoon”.