The Worsley Family - England to the USA

The Worsley Family - England to the USA


Ethel May Worsley arrives

  • New York

May (she used her middle name and dropped "Ethel"), arrived on the ship Teutonic from Southampton.  She was around 25 years old and travelled alone.  May was born in Gloucester, England one of 6 known children of Alfred Charles Digby Worsley and Kate Worsley (maiden name unknown).

I have an original letter written by May to her father in 1910 from Leavenworth, Washington.

May then married Fred L Brender in Chelan County, Washington on 18th January 1913.  They later had a son Clarence Leonard Worsley Brender on 6th October 1913.

May and Clarence are shown as living at the same address in Los Angeles on the 1930 US census.

Lillian Worsley arrives

  • New York

May must have travelled back to England and then returned on the ship St Paul from Southampton to New York on 10th January 1913 with her young sister Lillian.

Lillian was 11 years old when she arrived in the USA.

May and Lillian showed their destination as Leavenworth, Washington.

Did Lillian remain in the USA or did she return to England?  Was she just visiting to attend May's wedding later in 1913?

Harold Worsley arrives

  • New York

Harold now arrives in New York from Southampton on the ship New York.  He appears to havfe travelled alone.

Harold was born in 1891 in Rotherhithe, London, England.

Harold completed a Declaration of Intention to become a US citizen in 1927 although  I have not yet found a copy of the final Petition.

Harold is shown as living in Los Angeles in 1930 - he was still single.  Did he ever marry and have any offspring?

Kate Worsley arrives

  • New York

Kate Worsley (mother of Ethel May,  Digby, Harold, Aggie, Lillian & Clarence) and wife to Alfred Charles Digby Worsley.  She appears to have travelled alone on the ship Lapland from Southampton to New York.

She states that she is visiting her son-in-law Mr Doggett and her sons and daughters.  She also states that she was uncertain whether she would become a citizen.

The 1930 US census shows her as living in Los Angeles with her sons Harold, Digby and Clarence.  I believe it shows her as a widow - although this was not actually true as her husband Alfred Charles Digby Worsley was still alive and did not die until 1949 in London, England.

What happened to Kate?  When did she die?  Why did she state she was a widow?

Digby and Clarence Worsley arrive

  • Seattle, Washington, USA

Digby Augustus Worsley and Clarence Digby Worsley travelled together from Liverpool on 6 May 1920 on the ship Haverford.  The route was shown as Philadelphia/Halifax - the Worsleys destination was shown as Halifax.

Digby and Clarence are shown on the 1930 US census as living in Los Angeles with their mother Kate and other brother Harold.

Clarence completed a Declaration of Intention in 1927 and a Petition in 1934.  He married Roselma ??? on 2 January 1932 in Las Vegas, Nevada.  Roselma was born on 18 December 1899 in Lebanon, Oregon.

What happened to Digby and Clarence?  Is Clarence still alive?  Did either of them having any offspring?