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Dear Mom


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Dear Mother and Herb

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Not long after this Foster's brother joined the Army Air Corp and writes his first letter from Training in Chillicothe, MO. January 14, 1943 - Foster was 17 years older than his baby brother Herb - Foster had served in the Navy as early as 1925 and it is believed he re-upped during World War II. It was not long after Herb followed in his footsteps but in a different branch of the service. From Herb's first letter dated January 14, 1943 until October 5, 1945 - he wrote his sister Alice approximately 150 Letters representing a collection of heartfelt vignettes between siblings. This letter from Foster to his Mom is just the beginning of the story.

  • 6 Dec 1942

Contributor: MotherB
Created: December 28, 2007 · Modified: December 31, 2007

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