William Amason

William Amason

William Jefferson Amason

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Grandpop was a fantastic story teller. He was born in Texas to Molly and William. Grandpop left Texas to join the Navy. He was a career navy man. He had his own ranch in Texas. The story is he gave up his rights to his land and oil. He was angry a redheaded woman ran off with the preacher. He never returned to Texas. He worked the coal room of the ships in the navy. His father was William Amason. His mother had several relationships. We heard when the circuit judge came through town Molly and William Amason were divorced. Both relationships after this marraige. Molly had children from 3 relationships. One before Amason to Williams. One after to Spann I believe.

He was in an accident. He was run over by a wagon. Apparently he almost died. He had the marks on his chest to prove it. He was laid up in bed due to this incident.

Grandpop helped us farm a piece of land attached to our Philadelphia property @ 1315 Oakmont St. he helped my Dad Frank Schaefer tend the land.

Grandpop used to tell us many stories. He said there was a Native American living on land in Texas. Per other relatives on ancestry.com. It is said his grandfather Jessie Amason may have been Cherokee or Creek. He was married to Elmira (Tommie).

Apparently there is a fife located in a Texas museum. The fife belonged to the Amason's. They served in every war from Revolutionary on.

Grandpop's nickname was Jeff. His mother lived in Texas for many years. He had a sister in Texas. My mother his daughter Joan Marie Amason visited. She took my son Alex Samojlowitch on a visit.