Finding Sam's Father

Finding Sam's Father


Samuel Lackery (Loughry) was born in about 1820 in PA or NY and died in Nebraska in 1885, married Maria Glover in about 1848. They lived in Clinton Cty, PA. They had two children in the 1850 census, Lucy Addie, age 2 and William Allison age 1. His mother Lucy (unknown) born in NY in 1795 and probably died in Tioga, NY before 1870. His father ?

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Somewhere in PA?

  • PA or NY

We know from the 1885 Census of Nebraska and one of his daughters, Alberta that he died in Buffalo Cty, NE in about 1885. We know from various census records of 1850 PA, 1860, and 1870 WI, and 1885 NE that the census shows either NY or PA as the birthplace of his father. We also know that every census had a different spelling of the last name. He was a farmer and probably could not read or write. We believe he is a fourth genration descedent of Jeremiah Lochry (Loughry). The Jewett genealogy of 1924 lists a Samuel Wilson Loughry but that person is a fifth generation and the age does not fit. The Jeremiah family is loaded with common first names such as William, James, Joseph and Benjamin that are similiar to the Texas family of his son William Allison. Also Allison Farms was located in central PA.

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