30 Jul 1957 1
11 Sep 2001 1
Pentagon, Arlington, VA 2

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Personal Details

Full Name:
Gregg Harold Smallwood 3
Full Name:
Gregg H Smallwood 1
30 Jul 1957 1
Male 4
11 Sep 2001 1
Pentagon, Arlington, VA 2
Cause: Terrorist Attack - Ground Loss 2
Burial Date: 06 Oct 2001 5
Burial Place: Arlington National Cemetery, VA 5
Place: Woodbridge, VA 2
Place: Overland, KS 2
Mother: Florence Smallwood 4
Father: Harold Smallwood 4
Lisa A. (Titus) Smallwood 4
25 Jan 1979 4
Navy Information Systems Technician 3
Race or Ethnicity:
Caucasian 3
Employer: United States Navy 4
Position: Chief Information Systems Technician 4
Place: Pentagon, Arlington, VA 4
Start Date: Jul 1998 4
End Date: 11 Sep 2001 4
NAS North Island:
Base: San Diego, CA 6
From: Sep 1994 6
Rank: Petty Officer First Class 6
To: Jan 1995 6
Base: Guam 6
From: Oct 1979 6
Rank: Petty Officer Third Class 6
To: Oct 1981 6
Navy Service:
Age at Loss: 44 years old 4
Casualty Date: 11 Sep 2001 4
Enlistment: 1976 4
Length of Service: 19 years 4
Rank: Information Systems Technician Chief Petty Officer 4
Base: Diego Garcia 6
From: Apr 1995 6
Rank: Petty Officer First Class 6
To: May 1996 6
Base: San Diego, CA 6
From: Feb 1992 6
Rank: Petty Officer Second Class 6
To: Sep 1994 6
Social Security:
Card Issued: Unknown Code (FO) 1
Social Security Number: ***-**-8988 1
USS Harry W. Hill (DD-986):
Base: Naval Base San Diego, CA 6
From: Jul 1996 6
Rank: Radioman First Class 6
To: Mar 1998 6
USS Henry B. Wilson (DDG-7):
Base: Naval Base San Diego, CA 6
From: Sep 1977 6
Rank: Seaman 6
To: Sep 1979 6
USS Reasoner (FF-1063):
Base: Naval Base San Diego, CA 6
Conflicts: Persian Gulf 6
From: Apr 1988 6
Rank: Petty Officer Second Class 6
To: Jan 1992 6

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9/11 Pentagon

Arlington, VA

Chief Information Systems Technician in the Office of the Chief of Naval Operations stationed in the Naval Command Center in the Pentagon.  He was killed when the hijacked Boeing 757 of American Airlines Flight 77 deliberately crashed into the building.

Lamoni, Iowa

I live in a very small town in the Midwest and work at a small private college - Graceland University in Lamoni, Iowa.  On the 10th Anniversary of 9/11, our Student Government sponsored a tribute to those lost on that horrific day.  They took over a very large room here on campus and placed a US map the size of the room on the floor.  Each of us that worked and attended Graceland was encouraged to pick up a card with the name, birthdate, city, and employer of a person who lost their life on 9/11.  We then placed a small candle in the state that they lived in.  The lights were dimmed in the room and there was total silence.  It was a very moving experience to see all those candles across the map. 

I happened to pick up Gregg's card.  I was quite surprised that he and I are exactly the same age - both born in 1957.  I have kept that card at my desk since then and try to  pick it up and look at it often.  I just looked at it and realized that we are closing in on another anniversary in a week.  I decided to Google Gregg's name in hopes that I might find out more about him and maybe even find a way to contact his family.  I found this site and wanted to leave my thoughts with whoever might see this!

Kathy McElroy, Graceland University, Lamoni, Iowa

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