Cause of the Division Of Our America

Cause of the Division Of Our America


Why the American people are so divided with the state of our Nation!

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Unrest in America "Iraq"

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What is wrong with our country! Why are we so divided as a Nation when it pertains to Iraq!
We do not agree on the war. I believe the troops should be sent home! Our countries soldiers are being used as pawns in campaigns for president! Do they have a choice now that they have committed themselves to serve our Country and protect us from harm! Evidently they believed in the United States and what it stands for!

These young men and women volunteered to serve their country in a war that seems never ending to myself, so I can not imagine how they feel! I do not believe we should have gone to war ,however that does not mean I think these young people should not be supported for all they have done , all the lives that were sacrificed for the Nation and people they have chosen to defend! I commend all of them for their courage and bravery!

I am just an American citizen with an opinion! My brother was in the Vietnam War, he came home from the service with a wife and child. Was home for about a year before he took his own life. He brought Vietnam home with him and could not shake the nightmares and the treatment he received after he was home in the states by the people whom he was fighting to protect!

My nephew never got to know his dad and we all lost our brother, son, and a husband to a war that we should have never been fought! I feel this is the case in Iraq and hope we can end this war soon! I hope the American people can unite and make our President understand that we are United about ending this war!

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