World War II Allied Military Conferences

World War II Allied Military Conferences


Papers and Minutes of Meetings of Principal Allied Military Conferences, 1941-1945, M995


    by Craig R. Scott, CG

    Nine Allied military conferences were held between 1941 and 1945, primarily to enable American and British military staffs to coordinate their war plans, although later conferences would include their Russian counterparts. Ten volumes containing minutes, reports, maps, charts, messages, and other documentation were published by the Office of the Combined Chiefs of Staff. The documents reproduced at Fold3 are those of Chief of Staff George C. Marshall.

    The Combined Chiefs of Staff (CCS) framework was set up following the Arcadia Conference in December 1941. The CCS was responsible for recommending a broad program of wartime requirements, drawing up general directives for policies governing weapons distribution, and settling priorities for overseas movement.

    Many of these conferences were presided over by Roosevelt and Churchill. Early conferences were attended by members of Allied and Commonwealth countries when the concerns of their countries were discussed. Later conferences included Chiang Kai-Shek and Stalin.

    A list of the conferences, with code names, locations, dates, and principal participants may be found in the NARA descriptive pamphlet for this series, available as a PDF file.

    At the time of publication, the volumes were classified as “secret” or “top secret.” These volumes were declassified in 1973.

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