Richard F Zindell

Richard F Zindell

Richard Zindell

  • Philadelphia, PA

My Uncle Richie was my favorite of all the Zindell uncles.  He was a very courageous man.  In 1956 he suffered a terrible accident because of a leaky scuba compressor in Cinnaminson, NJ.  He lost his right arm and leg in the accident.  The owner of the compressor was killed.  After his accident he fought bravely against what had happened to him.  In six months he was swimming again and beat me every time in the pool at the YMCA in Philadelphia.  He continued scuba diving in spite of the difficulty and I was always proud of him for his belief and courage.  He was a very sweet man and always made you smile when you would meet him.  In his later years he hung around with one of his brothers, Charles.  They were quite a pair!

I love and miss him and all the others in the Zindell family.

Sunny Cohen (niece)