Husbands with ladders hang lights on their home, As all who have no one feel sad and alone. The churches are full of the faithful that sing, For the birth of our Lord, is a spiritual thing.

Conservative Poet Tom Zart's = THE PASSION of CHRISTMAS

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**                                          THE PASSION of CHRISTMAS**


**                                                        World War III**

Darling I miss you more than words can tell

As the torments of war burden my heart.

I worry about you and how you are

As by conflict we’re forced to part.

As death confronts me I witness first hand

Just how sudden life can come to its end.

At any moment war can consume and destroy

Myself, my dreams, my enemy, my friend.

Determined though fearful I dream of home

Remaining  focused, steadfast and whole.

Praying for family, country and comrades

The treasures of my existence and soul.

I suffer pain, remorse and regret

From actions I’m forced to employ.

I have no choice but to do my duty

As my solemn oath becomes my story.

Remind our kids how much I love them

And those moments they cry or play.

I’ll be home for hugs and kisses

Hopefully by Christmas Day.

Most of all I pray for words

That portray my need for your touch.

I dream of you both night and day

And sometimes a bit too much.

Letters from home, loneliness and sorrow

Have made family more precious to recall.

I love you so incredibly much

As I serve with honor, God and country’s call.

Hope To Be Home By Christmas

“Love You”

Your Marine


The son of God came down to earth

To be our Lord by divine birth.

Born to a virgin in a stable He lie

Destine to lead, teach, suffer and die.

Satan transformed from laughter to rage

When Christ arrived to destroy man’s cage.

A never ending chance to redeem our soul

A new opportunity to achieve God’s goal.

Evil doers hate the birth of God’s child

They love what is immoral, wicked and wild.

Degrading Christmas wherever they can

Jealous of the joy and rapture of man.

Hallelujah Jesus the king of Christmas night

With a star for his crown bathed in holy light

Christ is our savior who leads by trust and love

Delivering us from Satan to the grace of God Above.

By Conservative Poet

Tom Zart

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