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Personal Details

End Military Service - Rev War:
1783 1
End Militia Service:
1808 1
Military Pension:
14 Jul 1830 1
Militia Rank:
Captain 1
Militia Service Place:
Bristol, Grafton, New Hampshire 1
Militiary Unit:
First New Hampshire Regiment, Eighth Company 1
Start Military Service - Rev War:
Apr 1791 1
Start Militia Service:
1785 1
Birth Date:
20 Oct 1765 1
Birth Place:
Andover, Merimack, New Hampshire 1
Burial Date:
06 May 1855 1
Burial Place:
Sanborn Cemetery, Bristol, Grafton, New Hampshire 1
Death Date:
05 May 1855 1
Death Place:
Bristol, Grafton, New Hampshire 1
Marriage Date:
25 Dec 1788 1
Marriage Place:
Bristol, Grafton, New Hampshire 1
Spouse Name:
Abigail Thomas 1

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Military Pension File Number

Washington, DC

Page 1

Abiel's military pension file number.

 You can see the full story about Abiel Chandler by clicking here.

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Bounty Land Application and Power of Attorney

Canterbury, New Hampshire

Not having the capital to engage an attorney to secure his pension, Abiel traded his claim to war bounty land as payment to Abiel Foster of Canterbury, New Hampshire to act as his attorney. This action is shown in this document as well as detailing power of attorney authority to Mr. Foster. See the two page document below
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Submission of Documents

New Castle, New Hampshire

Abiel submitted his pension claim to the government on this date.  He appeared before Peter Stuper, a Justice of the Peace in New Castle, Rockingham county, New Hampshire to prove his identity and intent.   This proof was received and noted by Hazen Kimball in Washington D.C. on 28 Nov 1802 as seen at the bottom of the document.
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Application Cover in Federal Files

Washington D.C.

It is evident that the federal government did not respond any faster to claims in the early 1800's than we witness today. Eight years after submitting his pension application, the federal government finally put the package together for processing. Here is the cover sheet they affixed to that package.
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A Second Claim Letter

Strafford County, New Hampshire

Nothing changes when requesting claims to the government.  Ten years after his initial application for a pension, Abiel had to provide another supporting document that detailed his military service.  He states that he served in Captain Ellis' Company who was under the regiment commanded by Colonel Henry Dearborn of the New Hampshire line.
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Proof of Intent and Identity

Strafford County, New Hampshire

To support his second proof of military service letter, Abiel appeared before John Mooney, a judge in Strafford County, New Hampshire.  Subsequently, the judge provided a letter supporting the purpose of his letter and proof of his identity. 
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Deed of Power - Chandler to Foster

Page 3
Abiel's bounty land claim was delivered as payment to Abiel Foster on 23 Dec 1804 through Samuel Tenny, a former member of Congress.
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Pension Claim - Payout Terms

Washington D.C.

Page 2
Finally, the value of Abiel's military service pension is issued by the government.  The pension is to start on this date in the amount of $8  per month.  However, on the bottom of the same document, we read that the payments didn't occur.  $80.25 was due up to Mar 1819 and another $48 was due between March and September for a total of $128.25 in arrears.
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Supporting Testimony of Nathan Hoyt

Northampton, New Hampshire

Nathan Hoyt wrote a letter of testimony stating that Abiel Chanlder served in the same military unit with him during the Revolutionary War.  He states that he had seen the land bounty warrant given to Abiel for his military service and that the document was signed by Thomas Jefferson.  Nathan's testimony was supported by a brief identity testimony by William Kelly.
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Supporting Testimony of Jacob Thomas

Northampton, New Hampshire

Jacob Thomas supplied supporting testimony of Abiel's service in the Revolutionary War, stating that they served in the same unit together.  He also states that he has seen Abiel's bounty land warrant that was signed by Thomas Jefferson as well as James Madison.  At the bottom of the page, William Kelly, Justice of the Peace, wrote a note supporting the identity and testimony given by Jacob Thomas.
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Declaration of Schedule

Washington D.C.

Declaration of Schedule cover sheet dated Sep 1819 and Jul 1820.
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Stewartstown, New Hampshire

Abiel wrote an explainitory letter in support of his military benefit request. He was ill with rheumatism and his wife and children were unable to support the family. The document details the names and ages of himself, his wife and the children who still lived at home. Additionally, he listed the town where they lived and the meager value of their possessions. The documents add color to his life story as well as delighting family history researchers with these details.
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Property Value Verification

Coos County, New Hampshire

John Willson, Coos County Clerk, wrote a supporting document that confirmed the land value statement Abiel Chandler made in his 7 Jul 1820 letter to the military pensions office.
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Invalid File Cover

Washington D. C.

Abiel's Invalid File cover page provides the document reference location, date as well as his rank and service in the Revolutionary War.
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Authorization To Release Information

Washington D. C.

Samuel Tunney wrote a letter authorizing the release of military records in the investigation of Abiel Chandler's pension claim.  
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Exercising a Power of Attorney

Washington D. C.

Abial Foster exercised the Power of Attorney granted him by Abiel Chandler by requesting the transfer of Abiel's bounty land into Foster's hands.
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Did Congress Approve His Pension?

Washington D. C.

Abiel Chandler's attorney wrote a letter to the military claims office asking if Abiel's pension had been approved. Abiel's old commander, John Dearborn, was the Secretary of War at the time but his report to congress did not specifically reference Abiel Chandler.
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Certificate of Military Service

Washington D. C.

George Washington signed the certificates of those who served in the Continental Army during the Revolutionary War. Abiel Chandler's certificate is a perfect example of these certificates.
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Military Pay Record

Exeter, New Hampshire

Abiel Chandler received $25 for service in the Revolutionary Army in the Whitcomb Corps.
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Military Service - Town Records

Sanborntown (Sanbornton), New Hampshire

Abiel Chandler was recorded as a soldier in the Revolutionary War on the Sanbornton, New Hampshire town records.
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Military Pay Record - 1781

Abiel Chandler received $62.40  in military pay for serving in the Sixth Company, 1st Regiment of the New Hampshire Volunteers under Colonel Cilley.
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Abiel Chandler's Tombstone

Bristol, New Hampshire

Abiel Chandler is buried in the Sanborn Cemetery which is located northeast of the town of Bristol, New Hampshire. His tombstone is still in perfect condition and a beautiful rural atmosphere continues to offer peace to the inhabitants of this burial ground.
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Sanbornton Cemetery Map

Bristol, New Hampshire

The Sanborn cemetery is a little out of the way and is hard to find if you aren't familiar with the area.  To add to the confusion of those trying to locate it, there are several other 'Sanborn' cemeteries within a 30 mile radius.   

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Early Life

Bridgewater, New Hampshire

Abiel enlisted to serve during the Revolutionary War when about 16 years of age; and after continuing in the service of his country for about two years, was discharged in 1783. During his Revolutionary War military service, he was at White Plains, West Point and Saratoga.

He settled in Sanbornton, New Hampshire and later moved to Bridgewater, now Bristol, New Hampshire in about 1796, where he was Captain of the militia.

In about 1820, Abiel moved his family north to Stewartstown, New Hampshire, which is located adjacent to the Vermont and Canadian borders in Coos County, New Hampshire.

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Life and the golden years

Stewartstown and Bristol, New Hampshire

The family moved to Stewartstown, New Hampshire and lived a while on North Hill and afterwards on the David Kent place.  In Stewartstown, Abiel was the chorister in church.

Most of Abiel's children grew up in Stewartstown.  They either married and stayed in that area or moved farther south seeking improved economic opportunity.

When his wife, Abigail died in the late 1840's, his health had significantly declined due to crippling arthritis and he moved back to Bristol to live by his oldest son.

He had a farm in the hills in the north east part of the town that sustained him through most of his later life until he was totally incapacitated by arthritis.

He died at his son's home in Bristol on 6 May 1855 and is buried nearby.

His pension application papers help chronicle his life story and also supply significant family history information for his descendants.

Many details in Abiel's story unfold in the pages of his Revolutionary War pension application as seen below.

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It appears that Abiel Chandler joined Whitcomb's Rangers late in 1780 "in the room of"--meaning in the place of--James Rosebrooks. Benjamin Whitcomb's Independent Corps of Rangers has been re-created and participating in living history events around the northeast and Canada since 1975. You can learn more about the unit at It's great to learn of another descendant of another of Whitcomb's Rangers. Mike Barbieri

If you go through and read a few of the Pension Files it is sad what these veterans had to go through to get the small pension that the Government offered. And yes it is the same as today. In some files you will see what the pensioner had to go through to prove what his family was worth before they could get any help from the governement whatsoever! Read further. His wife had even more trouble. She had to find records that were sometimes "unfindable" - did not exist. Like for example a Marriage record. She had to prove that they were legally Man and Wife. Sad but true.

Revolutionary War Soldier

New Hampshire

Enlisting in the Army at age 16, Abiel served in Captain Ellis' Company which was part of the Regiment commanded by Colonel Henry Dearborn of the New Hampshire line for a little over two years during the Revolutionary War.  He was at White Plain, West Point and Saratoga during the war. 

Because of his age, he served as a drummer in the Contiental army during his service although he carried a rifle and was expected to shoot and perform like the rest of privates in the company.

There was more than one Abiel Chandler in the Revolutionary War.  Below are two facts that I think belong to the second Abiel:

Upon enlishtment, he joined Benjamin Whitcomb's Independent Rangers in place of J. Rosebooks. See:

Chandler, Abiel. "Revolutionary Journal Kept by Abiel Chandler of Andover, from December 2, 1776 until April 1, 1777, During Service on the North River, New York." Essex Institute Historical Collections, 47 (April 1911), pp.181-186

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