Immigration from Poland to Chicago 1890 - 1910

Immigration from Poland to Chicago 1890 - 1910


Many moved to Chicago from the old country including the Ukleja and Sobanski families.

Looking for Immigration & Naturalization Papers

  • Chicago, Cook, Illinois, USA

John UKLEJA b Aug 1859 of ,, Poland with wife Franziska POMIELSKI b 13 Dec 1864 of ,, Prussia arrived in a port of the USA in 1890 with three children and wife pregnant with the fourth.  The children were Lillian UKLEJA b Nov 1885, Frank UKLEJA b 18 Oct 1887, John UKLEJA b 11 Aug 1888. In May 1891 Joseph UKLEJA was born in Chicago, Cook, Illinois, USA.  Looking for Declaration of Intention or Immigration and Naturalization Papers.

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