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Ancestors of Arthur Dwight "Buck" Lackey--Kirby, Smith, Walker, Junck and Spitteler Family Branches

The ancestor families of Arthur Lackey include the Matheson, Beckham, McGinnis, Kirby, Doub, Bogle, Smith, Walker, Helsebeck. Stevenson, Spainhour, Fiscus, Junck and Spitteler families that ended up in Alexander, Wilkes and Forsyth Counties in North Carolina. This section focuses on the Kirby, Smith, Walker, Junck and Spitteler Family branches.


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Spatranburg District, South Carolina

The parents of Susan Kirby have not been determined.  It is known that they were born in South Carolina, as was Susan.[1] There are over 20 Kirby heads-of-household on the 1840 census for South Carolina.  Of those, five (William, Tery, John, Green and Hawkins) are from Spartanburg County where Susan and Alexander LACKEY married.  All of these seem to be too young to be Susan's father.

After Susan married Alexander LACKEY, they lived for a time in South Carolina before returning to Alexander's home in North Carolina.  It is possible that they were living with Susan's parents.

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Lincoln County, NC

The parents of Jennett SMITH are unknown.  Secondary sources suggest that her parents are John and Poly SMITH.[1] Jennett possibly married in Lincoln County so it is possible that her parents were from Lincoln County. Mentioned in Jennett's husband Robert Bogle's estate are William Smith and James Smith.[2] It is likely that these men are either/or her father or brothers.

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Wilkes County, NC

Original research has not revealed the parents of Priscilla WALKER. Priscilla was born in 1812 so her parents would have been married before then and would have been born probably before the early 1790's. Priscilla was married to John McGINNIS in Wilkes County so her family was likely from Wilkes County. The WALKER men in Wilkes County in 1820 when Priscilla was eight were; Charles, Eli, George, James, Jesse, John, Josiah, Richard and William.[1]

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#94 Johann Aldolph JUNCK and Anna Maria

Crombach (Krombach), Germany

Johann Aldolph JUNCK and Anna Maria married in Crombach (Krombach), Germany sometime before 1698. The couple had a daughter named Maria Elisabeth born on March 15, 1699. She was baptized on March 26th. The baby's godmother was Maria Elisabeth Schenken,wife of Johannes Schenken. Johann Aldolph died before his daughter's wedding to Johann Freidrich Bosch in 1719.[1]  Their daughter, Maria Elisabeth later married Johannes DAUB in 1739.

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#186 Heinrich SPITTELER and Appolonia SCHWABIN

Pratteln, Switzerland

Heinrich SPITTELER and Appolonia SCHWABIN were born in Switzerland probably in or before the 1660's. After they married, probably in the 1680's,they lived in Pratteln, Switzerland. Heinrich and Appolonia had a baby girl whom they christened Elsbeth on August 14, 1692. One of the three Godparents was Jungfrau Elsbeth SCHWABIN who was perhaps Appolonia's unmarried sister. Heinrich and Appolonia's daughter Elsbeth left Switzerland with her husband Werner SPANHOUR and traveled to America.[1]

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