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Poor Herman Drucker

Herman Drucker apparently was just trying to make a little money during WWI by working for clothing companies that provided goods to the government and gets investigated for treason.


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H.B. Ferguson sends a letter to the War Department.

Mckeesport, PA, USA

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Herman Drucker's previous employer, H.B. Ferguson Co., writes a letter to the War Department apparently trying to do their patriotic duty by informing them that Herman was destroying clothing intended for the US Government.  H.B. Ferguson Co. said that Herman. "had an evident mania for destroying government goods."  Herman was also an alien, which comes to light in this letter.

The War Department orders an investigation.

Washington D.C.

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The War Department Chief orders that Herman Drucker be investigated for treason.

The agent investigating discovers the reason for Herman's destructive ways.

Pittsburg, PA, USA

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Agent Martin investigated Herman Drucker's actions at H.B. Ferguson Co. and discovered from the president of the company that he had no proof that Drucker willfully destroyed any goods, but that the Quartermaster's Department had returned a number of garments that had not been cut correctly.  H.B. Ferguson did know that Drucker had been the cutter on those items.  Drucker was fired after this happened several times.  He then went to work for A.L. London Co. as a cutter making raincoats.  Agent Martin found that Drucker was let go from that job because he suffered from a nervous condition in the form of palsy that made him a very inaccurate cutter.  Agent Martin closes the case with no further investigation.

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