25 Aug 1902 1
21 May 1999 1

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Full Name:
Rose M Ennis 1
25 Aug 1902 1
21 May 1999 1
Last Residence: Lansdale, PA 1
Social Security:
Card Issued: Unknown Code (PE) 1
Social Security Number: ***-**-8370 1

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Rose Marie Ennis (1902-1999) ... born to Eugene H. and Helen (Ellen) A. (Carswell) Ennis

Phila. PA

In the 1900 Census, Rose's Mother was HELEN (Ellen) A. Ennis, 26, born in England and the family is living on Main St. in Lambertville, JN.J.

In the 1930 Census, Rose lived in Phila. with; 1)  David A Carswell, Head, age 57

David A Carswell (and wife Ellen (___) Carswell) had 'lodger' Neice Rose Marie Ennis, in her 20's.  Edward is the youngest and last son born to Eugene and HELEN (sometimes typed in as "Ellen") Ennis in Lambertville, NJ

  Likely both Rose and Chris bought their row-house/home when it was built in 1930, but it was a lovely place filled with laughter, filled with love.  Both Rose and Chris were secretaries and it is not likely that either drove or ever owned a car.  ..... walking to the "corner store" and bus to work and Church!

Aunt Rose and Aunt Chris lived at 248 W Sulis Avenoe, Phila. PA and in the 1960's, the Ed and Alta Ennis Girls, Lynn, Barbi and Patty would take the train into Phila. from Doylestown, PA for a summer visit.  I can imagine it was less than a week and remember many really fun times :)  Barbi


      1930 Census;  Ellen L (nee; ___) Carswell, wife, age 57 (in 1930) living in Germantown, Phila. PA  Ellen is the wife of David Carswell,  David's sister HELEN, is Rose's mother Helen (Ellen) A. (Carswell) ENNIS.

Rose would have been about 28 years old.  Rose's Mother was Helen Carswell Ennis, who died in about 1916, this must be her Uncle David that she stayed with.  Buried at St. John the Evengelist, Lambertville, NJ.

Placed 30 April, 2011 ... Added pictures, 2016, Nov.  Barbi 

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