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  • Franklinville, NJ

James P. Viti was the youngest child of Antonio C P Viti and Bridget Veronica Joyce Viti.  This family lived in Philadelphia, Pa. and also had a large farm in Franklinville NJ.  He had 5 brothers, William,  Patrick, Anthony, John and Edward.  He had 7 sisters, Katherine, Jennie, Sarah, Agnes, Margetta, Hannah and Mary.  Antonio was a stone mason by trade and also owned the large working farm.

James was my grandfather Patrick's youngest brother.  I remember that he used to visit the farm when I was a child.  He never did learn to drive, so his wife Anne would always drive them to visit us.  He was a chemist for many years with Sunoco Oil Co.  The couple had no children.  Uncle James was like a big kid.  I always remember him smiling and laughing.  He did not seem to take himself too seriously. But he was quite intelligent because with only a high school education, he apprenticed himself out, first as a lab tech. and eventually learning to become a chemist.

I remember him visiting us at one point in the early 1960's when packaged bread was relatively new on the market, and him explaining what the names of the chemical preservatives meant on the package in language that we could understand, and the potential effects on the body by eating it.  Amazing!

So, although Uncle James has left no children of his own, he does come from a rich heritage, and has numerous descendents through his siblings.

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