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Meadville, Crawford, PA


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The Descendants of Charles and Charles S. Boyle

Meadville, Crawford, PA

Each summer in my childhood in Crawford County, PA, The Reunion of the Descendants of Charles S (Steadman) Boyle was gathered for a picnic. The meeting was called to order, and the births and deaths of the previous year were recorded. Recently, descendants of Charles S. Boyle have begun gathering again, after a lapse of several years.

The family believes that Charles S. Boyle and his father, probably Charles Boyl (without the e) both fought in the Revolutionary War. One of the sons of Charles, Job Boyle, was killed in the War. The other son, Patrick Y. Boyle, resided first in New York State and then in Pennsylvania.  The family believes that the mother of Charles S. was named Steadman or Stedman, but evidence for her given name has not been determined as yet.

The son of Charles S. Boyle,  Jesse, and Jesse's wife, Sarah Ann Kelley, had numerous children, among whom was my great-great grandfather.

The family migrated westward through New York State to Northwest Pennsylvania. The Steadman Family and the Boyle Family both have descendants in Northwest Pennsylvania.

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