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Julius Stryker

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Julius B Stryker, born 1913, Doylestown, PA

  • Doylestown, PA

"JUDY" Julius B B Stryker and his wife Mary MCKinstry_ Stryker had 6 Children....._

_                (Judy ran his Company, the "Perkins Glue Co. - from his father Julius BB Stryker, Sr. Patented in 1915))_

_1) Julius B (Ju-Bee) ____

2) Gertrude Perkins Stryker (Perky) Born Doylestown, PA 1941, passed 1988, Paoli, PA

Gertrude Married Unknown Mackleer
       Children: Living Daughter and Son: BOYD KIMBALL MACKLEER~1965~1970

_3) Stephen Bayard Stryker ( July 1944) Professor/Language /Author /BOOK;By Stephen B. Stryker, Betty Lou Leaver _

  Foreign Language Education.

Professor, Department of English
Visiting Lecturer, Department of Spanish
Director: TESOL Programs

4) Michael O (about 1946)  Lives in Tucson, AZ

5) Frank P ( Jug ) born about 1948

Johanna C Stryker, E B Stryker, Matthew M Smit, Daniel Smit

6) William (Bill-Bill )   (about 1953 or 54)

1) PHOTO of DOCUMENT / Naturalization Record; Alvine Luise Eitz, Born in Germany, 22 March 1901 (Badersleben, Germany)  Julius BB and Mary Higgins Stryker were witness to this person, arriving from Germany by way of France.  (This HAS to Be Judy's Father ,(Also) Julius B B and Mother, Mary H)  Witness in 1928, Court St. Doylestown, PA.

_  The son., THIS Julius B "JUDY" also Married a MARY McKinstry Stryker._

(Their son Julius BB Stryker, III was called "Ju-Bee").

  • Christine E Stryker
  • Daya Stryker
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