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Thomas Graton (1757-1809)

  • Massachusetts

This veteran's surname is variously spelled Graton and Greaton in different records.  Thomas Graton was born 1 Aug 1757 in Spencer, Worcester Co., Massachusetts Bay Province.  He was the son of James and Hannah (Baldwin) Graton.

Thomas is frequently confused with his first cousin, also named Thomas Graton, who was born 29 Dec 1757 in Brookfield, Worcester Co.  Thomas Graton of Brookfield and his brother Crary Graton are each the subject of their own pension files.

Thomas married Rebecca (Becca) Chaplin, on 16 May 1790 in Winchendon, Worcester Co., MA.  He died 21 Mar 1809 in Winchendon, having fathered eight known children, as follows.

i.  Smyrna Graton, b. 29 Jun 1791 in Winchendon; m. (1) 7 Aug 1816, in Winchendon, Lucy Poland; m. (2) 17 Dec 1846, in Winchendon, Sally Poland, sister of Lucy.  Smyrna d. 19 Sep 1865, in Winchendon.

ii.  Sarah Preston Graton, b. 6 Mar 1793 in Winchendon;  m. 21 Apr 1820, in Winchendon, Ebenezer Prouty, son of Joshua and Molly (Muzzy) Prouty.  Sarah d. 14 Feb 1887 in Brookfield, Worcester Co., MA.

iii.  Marsena Graton, b. 19 Jan 1795 in Winchendon;  m. 6 Sep 1822, in Sandwich, Barnstable Co., MA, Mary Dyer Holmes.  Marsena legally changed his name to Alwin M. Graton on 12 Jun 1818.  He was lost at sea on 29 May 1825.

iv.  Tamar Graton, b. 20 Jun 1798 in WInchendon;  m. 30 Jul 1818, in Winchendon, George Evans, son of Jonathan and Mehetable (Sherwin) Evans.  Tamar d. 11 Feb 1832 in Winchendon.

v.  Leona Graton, b. 8 May 1800 in Winchendon;  d. unmarried c. 1881 in Winchendon.

vi.  La Fayette Graton, b. 13 Feb 1804 in Winchendon;  m. Martha E. _____.  La Fayette died before 1880.

vii.  Alvin Graton, b. 22 Aug 1806 in Winchendon; d. 24 May 1807 in Winchendon.

viii.  Thomas Alvin Graton, b. 24 May 1808 in Winchendon;  d. 22 Sep 1810 in Winchendon, of a canker.

Thomas Graton appears to have remained in Worcester County after being discharged from the military.  He is recorded as a head of household in Winchendon in both the 1790 and 1800 federal censuses.  After Thomas's death, his three eldest children (Smyrna, Sarah/Sally, and Marsena) became wards of Isaac Morse of Winchendon.

Becca was listed as a head of household in WInchendon in the 1810, 1820, 1830, 1840, and 1850 federal censuses.  She died before 14 Oct 1857, the date when her probate proceedings began.  Her will had been recorded 14 Sep 1848 in Winchendon.  Becca was buried in Centre Cemetery, Winchendon.

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