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Captain John NORRIS,(UNION) b. PA, POW during the civil war...


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Captain John NORRIS, captured in SC, during civil war-by Confederates-the father-in-law, of one of my GreatAunts, Maggie LARMAN, daughter of Henry LARMAN- -UNION-DC.

Those who wish to check the 1880 fed census taken in Washington DC, will find one of my GreatGGrandfth's family's record.  The only daughter of his not with his last name is one of my GreatGrandfth's sister, Maggie LARMAN-NORRIS, apparently she and her husband did not live together, and this was probably in some way connected with the Civil War.

As far as all my investagations, Maggie and her husband Calvin Christopher Columbus NORRIS, had only one son. BTW, Calvin C.C. J. NORRIS, died in Takoma Park, MD-I think he lived to be abt 80. Anyway he is listed on the 1930 fed census taken I think they may had claimed that area in takoma Park, was DC, at that time- it run's into two counties and on some records is under DC.

Maggie died in DC, in 1911.

  • 1860-1911

From a NORRIS, decendant re: Captain John NORRIS

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Saw your post re Captain John Norris. Have a photo my Great Great Grand Father Lieutenant John Norris, Co E, 2nd Regiment of Artillery, 112th PA Volunteers (promoted August 23, 1862). 2LT Norris was born March 15, 1837, Died December 15, 1868. I have a trunk full of his documents from the Civil War. Full of names and transactions for supplies deaths, etc. Lt Norris' sons were C.C.J. Norris, F.E.S. Norris and John Willard Norris (my great grandfather).

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  • District of columbia
  • 1860-

Some info re: possible cemetery of John NORRIS.


Huntingdon County PAGenWeb

McConnellstown Cemetery

Walker Township

Latitude 40-27-14N  Longitude 078-04-59W


Transcribed and contributed by Debbie Fisher Riley

Catharine w/o John Norris
d. 10/2/1883
84y 20d

John Norris
d. 1/19/1891
78y 3m 20d

Eliz. w/o John Norris
d. __/__/186_
63y ___

  • McConnellstown,PA
  • 1804-1890's

Issac NORRIS, from the university of PA a portrait.

Iclued in my "uploads ina portrait of Issac NORRIS, from the University of PA.

Permanent Link: Information about this record Title: [Isaac Norris (1701-1766) portrait]  [graphic] Year: n.d. Category: University of Pennsylvania.   Portraits Digital Image Number: UARC20040427003 Permanent Link:


Dean THOMSON, sent me the info Thought maybe you would like this. Dean
  • PA
  • 1701-1766


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I just stumbled onto this site. We are related to the same people. Calvin Clumbus Jackson (CCJ) Norris was married to Margaret Larman. Their son Calvin Willard Norris (Callie)was my great grandfather and was married to Fanny Jones who had a twin sister Sadie Jones and both were from King George Va. Callie and Fanny had 4 children James, Margaret, Francis and Reberta (Sadie). James had 3 sons Calvin William Sr, Houston and James W. Calvin (James' son) had 5 children Charlotte, Calvin Jr, Patti, Donna and Walter.
CCJ Norris had purchased a farm in King George Va I beleive in 1896 my grand father James inherited this farm and I reside there today. Please feel free to contact me. I also am in my 50's. I have book that CCJ Norris started to compile prior to his death in regards to family history. Look forward to hearing from and perhap meeting you. I have visited Congressional Cementery and have some old pics of the site after a family funeral. Sorry this is so long just excited to finally find some extended family so to speak of. respond via e-mail and I will supply home and cell phones.

Calvin (Butch) Norris

  • King George, Virginia, District of Columbia
  • thru abt 1935

RE; NORRIS, info from a reader, hopefully a NORRIS, relative may contact for further info.

An email forwarded from came in and certainly, there may be a NORRIS, relative who would want to contact;

read this info;

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trying to find a relative of John W. Beaton to return a ceremonial cane to them. It originally was presented to him by the Calvin Norris in 1902. If you can help me that would be great. my email is thank you.


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Thank you very much, Robert Thomas From: Sent: Tuesday, September 27, 2011 12:11 PM To: Subject: Hi, I'll put this on the page referring to John Norris, with your email and someone may respond, how's that sound. Very interesting, the cane you have. Or maybe you should contact a Dean THOMSON, a descendant of the NORRIS and STETLER'S, at In the meantime, I'll just put your message on the NORRIS page at and maybe someone will respond to you? L. Handiboe
  • District of Columbia
  • 2011

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