Henry J. LARMAN, b. abt 1835 in Maryland- DC-militia-dec'd DC 1890s

Henry J. LARMAN was born in Maryland abt 1835. He married a Margaret Ann KRIBY, in a place called Marshall, MD she was b. abt 1841 in MD. Henry & Margaret had 8 children I believe and for a while in DC, they had a relative living with them. anyway, Among Henry & Margaret's children was 1 of my GreatGrandfth's an Allen Ellsworth LARMAN. b. May 1861- in DC. Among his sister's was a Maggie LARMAN-- who married, apparently a civil war soldier, named NORRIS, one of the NORRIS' relative's, contacted me with personal letters during the civil war, which I have somewhere of a Captain NORRIS, who was apprently captured by the confedertates, and a POW in SC during the civil war. One of my Grand-Aunt's that was Allen E. LARMAN'S sister's, died in DC 1911 as a Maggie NORRIS, so far, I believe that she had only one son- and he moved to VA. I think Maggie's only son was born in DC.

Hnery J. LARMAN, and family can be found on the 1880 fed census taken in DC- there Maggie one of his daughter's is already married an her named a NORRIS< this is only her married name.

    My last name is Larman and my Great Grandfather was Charles Edward Larman date of birth unknown but he could remember being 21 years old during the Okla. land rush. He moved to Okla from Mass. I was wondering if it is possible that he may have been a son or relative of Henry J. Larman. I can be contacted at [email protected]