James C. Ray 1821 MS -1895 TX

James C. Ray 1821 MS -1895 TX


Looking for information regarding his parentage and siblings. Voter's Registration card states he was a resident of Louisiana for 12 years before coming to Texas. That would put birth 1821 Mississippi and by 1827 living in Louisiana prior to move to Texas in 1839. If you can help contribute any information on James C. Ray it would be appreciated. Thanks!

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Confederate in the Civil War

  • San Augustine, San Augustine County, Texas

James C. Ray or J. C. Ray as he was often referred by was a Confederate in the Civil War. He was 41 years old when he enlisted in March of 1862. His wife Mary C. Bullock Ray stayed home with their 8 children while he joined the war. He was a Sergeant and worked as a Hospital Steward. He was born 1821 Mississippi and died 1895 in San Augustine, Texas. He is buried in the San Augustine City Cemetery. He has a Civil War Monument. His wife Mary is beside him. They are the only Ray family in that cemetery.

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