Lee Linder (Son of John Linder)

Lee Linder (Son of John Linder)


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Will of Lee Linder

  • Spartanburg, SC


(original missing from file)

In the Name of God amen I Lee Linder of South Carolina Spartanburgh Dist planter, being in perfect health, and of Sound mind and Memory - but knowing that it is appointed for man once to die, do make ordain constitute and confirm this my last Will and Testament, in Manner and form following ­- viz - Principally and first, of all I give my Soul into the hands of God, that gave it, and my body to be buried in decent Christian Burial at the discretion of My Executors, and, and as touching Such worldly Estate, wherewith it has pleased God to bless me with, I give devise and dispose of the Same in the following manner and form. Item, first of all it is my will and desire that all my just debts shall be paid which is but few. Item, then I give and bequeath unto my dearly beloved wife Mary Linder Three Tracts of Land - To wit, the Curling tract 230 acres the plantation I now reside on, and the Moses Water's tract, so call'd, and the Isaac Linder tract, so call'd, and also the Land that is now in cultivation, that I bought. of William Clark, and also Six Negroes to wit - David and Mary his Wife & Reuben & Nelly his Wife and Henry the little Boy and, Sealy - them and their heirs, and as much Stock, and household & kitchen furnature, as She with the consent & Judgment of my Executors Shall think full sufficient for to do her - my Will and desire is, that the above. named property, Shall go to my wife her natural lifetime, or as long as She remains my Widow - and if She maries to go to the care of my Executors to give an equal divide amongst all my Children. And I give and bequeath to my Daughter Nancy Bowden three Negros towit, Jack and Patience, and her Child Wilson Cornelius them and their heirs to go to her during her natural lifetime, and the Heirs of her body forever and I give and bequeath unto Scinthia Turner two Negros, towit, Charlot and her child Mary, them and their heirs to go to her natural lifetime, and then to go to the Heirs of her body to be equally divided amongst her children & I give and bequeath unto Charity Smith four Negros, towit Luke and Sarah, and her children Haly and Harriet, them and their heirs to go to Charity Smith her natural life time, and, then to go to the Heirs of her body forever- And I give and bequeath unto my Daughter Mahala Goforth, three Negros towit Fortune and Martha and her child Emba – them and their heirs to go to Mahala Goforth her natural lifetime, and also the tract of Land they are now living on, three hundred acres and then after her death to go to the heirs of her body to be equally divided amongst - And I give and bequeath unto my Daughter Polly Ann Linder The Foster Tract of Land 250 acres and Three Negros towit Jane and Harriet and Julia - and - them... and their Heirs to go to her natural life­time, the land also and then to the heirs of her Body to be equally divided amongst them - And I give to my Son John Linder the Land he is now living on, towit the Rainwater place and the Norris Place four hundred and Twenty five acres in all – And I give and bequeath unto my Son Jefferson Linder, one Thousand dollars to be valued of by my Exectors to him in Lands a Negros, and if there Should arise any dissatisfactions in valuing out the property coll disinterested men to assist - And my wish and desire is that all the rest of' my Sons Shall have two Thousand worth of many' Negros or land, or Notes of hand, as I have a good many Money Notes due me at present - Lee Linder Jnr. Simpson Linder Pleasant Linder Sevier Linder Eliphas Linder, to have two Thousand dollars paid unto them by my Executors - and then I think they will be put up with the children that I partiand off. for Scinthia Turner has had Twelve hundred and fifty dollars worth in land - Nancy Bowden has. had four., hundred dollars worth in Land, and She must have the three hundred dollar Note I hold on Bowden, give up to him ­John Linder has had $111 hundred, and Jefferson Linder the same; and my will and desire is that the Deed of Gift concern­ing my property at Spartanburgh Shall Stand as it is - if I have property enough to hold out agreable to my desire &.wish­ But Should there not be enough, part of the Town property must be put in to makee out - But I think there will be enough and more and my desire is the ballance are to be left to my wife, her lifetime or widowhood, and then to be equally Divided, amongst all my Children - lastly I constitute & appoint my dearly beloved wife Mary Linder John Linder Jefferson Linder Lee Linder Junr. & Abner E Smith my Executors and Executrix ­ this July, twenty ninth day Eighteen hundred and forty one

""Signd Seald in presence of us                                                   Lee Linder (Seal)

L T Linder

Abner E. Smith

Lee Linder Jr.

Recorded in Will Book D Page 42

Box 36 Package 7

Recorded 4th March 1842

R. C. Poole, O. S. D.

Copied from Will Book

Original Will Missing from Package.

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