George W. BALLENGER, some info. dec'd DC

George W. BALLENGER, some info. dec'd DC


My Grandmother's mother was a Susannah, Susanah or Susanna, or Susie, she used many different spellings, was b. DC, her father's name was George W. BALLENGER & her mother was a "surname" JACK, b. VA.

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George W. BALLENGER, one of my GGGrandfth'd dec'd in DC, after over 50 years work at the Navy Yard, DC.

  • VA/DC

My Grandmother Margaret Estella LARMAN-LEWIS-LAWLOR's (01-1900-/-07-1977)mother's maiden name was BALLENGER. Susannah, Susanna, Susanah or Susie FOSTER( b. abt., 1872-dec'd late 30's or early 40's)< at her death in VA.

Susannah or Susie BALLENGER-LARMAN-FOSTER'S 2nd husband's name was CORRECTLY- Quincy W. FOSTER WWI vet, who apparently died overseas during WWI.

You can find my GreatGrandmth on the 1880 fed census taken in DC.  My Grandmother's father was a Allen Ellsworth LARMAN, b. DC, abt 1861(the records vary). Allen's father was a Henry J. LARMAN, and Henry's wife was a Margaret Ann KIRBY, Margaret was b. MD abt 1841.

My other Grandmother, my mother's adopted mother was a Katherine or Catherine EVERS-ELFERS, who was b. NYC., and who's parents were b. IRELAND and came into NYC, apparently IMMIGRANTS.

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