LEWIS' of Virginia, mostly. Civil-War, interests. L. HANDIBOE

LEWIS' of Virginia, mostly. Civil-War, interests. L. HANDIBOE


I have a paperback copy of the only book, one of my GreatGreatGrandfth's wrote, who was a CONFEDERATE, soldier, Virginia. The name of the book is "Recollections from 1860 to 1865. Many of his family member's were also, in the Civil War, his brother George Washington LEWIS, was one of them. John H. married a Mary Frances EMMERSON, and is buried in his wife's family plot in Portsmouth, VA. John died in Washington DC, where he re-located after the defeat of the South, and the brutal occupation of his birth, hometown of Portsmout, VA. He died in 1917 at his Granddaughter's home in Washington DC. He was in his early 80's. My "maiden

Stories about LEWIS' of Virginia, mostly. Civil-War, interests. L. HANDIBOE

John H. LEWIS 1835-1917, CONFEDERATE soldier, Virginia. L. HANDIBOE

  • Portsmouth, Virginia & Washington DC

Many of my relatives on my father's side of the family-namely Howard Irving LEWIS, b.,DC August 20, 1918, in Washington DC-US, were in the civil war.  My father's mother was a Margaret Estella LARMAN-LEWIS-LAWLOR (dec'd in 1977-MD/DC).  Margaret married an Joseph Irvin LEWIS, the son of John M. LEWIS,(the M, is for Meriweather, as far as I remember)'s last children were "twins", who were either the only one's born in Washington DC & not Virginia, or by a few accounts, there may have been three birth's in Washington DC.  John M. LEWIS, took care of me when I was young, and, as well as my Grandmother, who's Grandfather, was part of the DC, militia, "Union" named Henry LARMAN, dec'd DC late 1890's. (b. 1835 in Maryland.)

John H. & Mary Frances EMMERSON-LEWIS, had a total of six chidlren. Probably 4 born in

Portsmouth, VA and the last two, "twins"-John M. (Meriweather) & his brother George Washington LEWIS, born in Washington DC.

John H. LEWIS, married a Mary Frances EMMERSON, who's family also, fought in Virginia, and were CONFEDERATES-they John H. & Mary are both buried in Portsmouth, Virginia, where they were both born.  Both died in Washington DC.

My father Howard Irving LEWIS, was the only child of both Margaret Estella LARMAN-LEWIS-LAWLOR & Joseph Irvin LEWIS.  Joseph died in Washington DC, in the early 1955. My Grandmother and Joseph Irvin LEWIS, were divorced, she married again to a William joseph LAWLOR, not involved in the civil war.  They lived in DC, most of the time, my Grandmother was born in Washington DC, January 1900.  She was the daughter of Allen Ellsworth LARMAN & a Susannah or Susie, BALLENGER, born abt., 1872 in Washington DC< Susie.  Susannah or Susanah or Susie, married twice her first marriage was to Allen E. LARMAN, dec'd abt 1907 in the St. Elizabeth's mental institution in Washington DC, her second husband was a  Quincy W. FOSTER, (1910 DC-fed-census<) who apparently went into WWI and may have died during service, I am not certain yet, only that he died before 1920 and he had enlisted in the military, for WWI. Susie FOSTER< at her death in VA had, had 4 living children. (Note; Quincy DID die prior to 1920-found this info on a DC directory HERE, naming Susie FOSTER, as a widow 1920.)

My mother was b. an Annibrita d'WAINIO, in New York city, NY. she was b. Feb., 08, 1921 and put up for "adoption" as her mother had died leaving her husband with five young children, the three youngest put up for "adoption".  My mother was "adopted" 1925 in NYC, by Herman & a Katherine or Catherine ELFERS family, he an attorney in NYC. (Owned his own company-partner) (Herman ELFERS, was b. in Prussia abt. 1878, dec'd in NYC abt 1960.) Katherine or Catherine EVERS-ELFERS, was b. NYC, her parents, were born in IRELAND or Germany. My mother & father were married at the Mayflower Hotel, in Washington DC in Feb., 1947.

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