Terence L Dineen

Terence L Dineen

Remembering Terence Lawrence Dineen

  • Chicago, IL., Fintona, Co Tyrone, N Ireland., Belfast

Terence Lawrence Dineen was born in Chicago Illinois in 1928 shortly after his family immigrated there from their home of Fintona, a small village in County Tyrone, Northern Ireland.  Fintona comes from the Gaelic _Fionntamhnach _meaning "white field."  The village is known for holding the second to last public tramway, and also as the home of John Montague, one of Ireland's best contemporary poets, and also famous Irish footballer Gerry Armstrong.

When Terence was two years old, the Dineen family traveled back to Fintona to escape the Great Depression.  As a teen, he owned and operated a bicycle rental and repair shop in Belfast.  His hobby was racing motorcycles in competitions.  Terence was one of six children, his brothers and sisters were Edward, Maureen, James, Kieran, and Dermot.  As the only child in his family born in the United States, when Terence was 21 he was able to enlist in the Air Force at the outbreak of the Korean War, during which he was stationed at Otis Air Force Base in western Cape Cod, and served in the Philipines at Camp John Hay.

There in the Philipines, Terence met Maria Lourdes Blanca Solis and the two were married in Manila in 1951.  After their honeymoon in Fintona, Ireland the two moved to Falmouth, Massachusetts where he had been assigned to Otis Air Force Base.

Terrence worked nights as a lumberyard clerk for Wood Lumber Co., and also NL Industries in Norwood.  He also worked to turn a former ship captain's house in Falmouth, Massachusetts into a nine room guesthouse that would evenutally became the 80 room ShoreWay Acres Resort Inn. He enjoyed traveling with his wife and family in a Bluebird motorcoach he named "My Wild Irish Rose."

Terence and Maria Lourdes Blanca Solis Dineen, and they were blessed with two children, Dolores "Dorie" and Kevin, and four grandchildren, Ryan and Kerianne "Keri" Ketterer, and Terence and Matthew Dineen.

Terence passed away March 22, 2002.  He is remembered fondly by family and friends as an honest, hardworking man.