Nettie Lea Simon

Nettie Lea Simon


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Daughter of Novia Cambridge Simon and Anna Sidney Adams

  • Allensville, Clark, Kentucky, USA

Nettie was the third child born in a family of 8 children.

Copy of Delayed Birth Certificate for Nettie Lee Simon, showing her father, Novia Simon was born in Georgetown, Scott, Kentucky and her mother, Anna Sidney Adams was born in Winchester, Clark, Kentucky.

Memories from Nettie Lea Roe:

Her parents were living in Clark County, Kentucky on Indian Creek when she was born. Her father worked on the railroad and we lived at a little place called Ruckerville and we lived in a Section house the railroad furnished.

A normal day on the farm began with getting the cow to be milked, help with the garden. We also helped Mrs. Witt put out her tobacco. Mom and us kids that were old enough, helped set tobacco.

I attended Ruckerville School(a 2 room school) and one year of high school at Clark County High School. I was a freshman.

I was 16 years old when I met Pete . He was working on a farm with Uncle Clarence and he lived with them at Centerville. While daddy was in WW II , mom stayed home with Betty and Phyllis.

After they were married, they lived with Aunt Emma and Uncle Clarence Roe for a while. Pete got a job at the Army Depot and helped put in the railroad there. Then he went to work for Davis Funeral Home. We lived on the corner of 9th and High. We then lived on Lilleston Avenue for a while and then lived at 1211 High Street. Then we bought a house out in Bedford Acres, then sold that and moved to 816 High Street. My father worked on the railroad. After they moved to Indiana, he worked in a factory of some kind. I think they moved there in 1946 or 1947.

During her life time, mother lived in Clark County and Bourbon County, Kentucky. In Clark County, they lived out in the country with not much to do and go when you live way out. The first show Mother went to was when mom and dad got married in 1939.

Not much of a life was it? but we were always happy!!!

The above was in answer to questions presented to Nettie Lea Roe by her daughter, Betty Ann Roe Coplan in the year 2005.

Nettie Lea Simon became a wonderful mother and grandmother and great grandmother to a whole parsel of kids!! She had 5 children and those children gave her 15 grandchildren - Betty had two boys( Earl, Jr and James); Phyllis had two girls(Dina Diane and Tracy Lynn); Vicki had 5 children(James, Tara, Paige, Rusty and Ricky); Cheryl had two boys(Kevin Hiram and Gary Lynn, II) and Kyle had 4 children( Joshua, Jessica, Amber and Jacob).

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