Domestic Letters, 1784-1906

Domestic Letters, 1784-1906


Domestic Letters of the Department of State, 1784-1906, M40


    by Craig R. Scott, CG

    This series of images consists of record copies of letters sent by the Department of State to officials and private citizens of the United States within the country, and to private subjects of foreign powers within the country. American officials include: the President of the United States, the President of the Senate, the Speaker of the House of Representatives, the heads of executive departments, attorneys, judges, federal marshals, the collectors of customs, and state governors. The letters deal with both domestic and foreign affairs.

    Domestic affairs relate to the duties of the State Department in territorial administration, printing and distribution of laws, registration of copyrights, and the taking of the census.

    Foreign affairs include letters written concerning violations of neutrality, requests for legal interpretation from other senior US officials, assistance from military and naval forces in international relations, and related subjects. Some letters are addressed to governors, district attorneys, and other state and territorial officials on topics with an international aspect.

    The images are from records in volumes which are normally arranged chronologically by date of correspondence. In several volumes, the arrangement is not exactly chronological. There are 292 numbered volumes and two un-numbered volumes (from 1829 and 1896). Some volumes are missing.

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