Peter SALA Pennsylvania German Immigrant & Descendants

Peter SALA Pennsylvania German Immigrant & Descendants

As a survivor of a 1995 near-death experience, I testify that "Time is short." It is time to get serious about resolving the case of Peter Sala, son of perhaps Valentine Sala, both from "somewhere in Germany." I, Karl Sala, as a pro' genealogist since 1979, will take the reign & reins to begin the story of Peter Sala, born 1760-67, somewhere in Germany. If you'd like to take part in the research process & its administration, costs, publishing (online & offline), please email or call me TODAY. Lynell &/or Karl Sala <[email protected]>24-hr. Tel: 480-507-3316 = 1-888-456-7252; 5010 E Cheyenne Dr #1023; Phoenix, AZ 85044-1733 USA</[email protected]>

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    Peter Sala is allegedly of German descent. Until & unless we find Peter's records in Germany, all spurious notions we've heard & read about a Sala link to an Italian priest must be considered bogus, if not spurious. Please send me any supporting documentation you might have on PRE-1800 Sala people in Pennsylvania or Virginia, the two known states in which I have found the SALA descendants then living. I have a working research hypothesis for this Peter within GERMAN records. I seek to now connect with other fellow Sala descendants. I ask the Italian Sala descendants to NOT contact me unless you tie into this Pennsylvania Sala line or have ancestors who went from Italy to Germany. Yes, there are several of those, too. I am 480-507-3316 = 1-888-456-7252 [email protected]

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