Entries to sell and Promote my new book which is autobiographical and a bit of history combined the name is FROM WHENCE I CAME.. The story of survival during the Great Depression of the 30s in Oklahoma , service during WW11, alumni of the University Of Oklahoma, an actor in Hollywood during the 50s. An Owner/Trainer of thoroughbred racing @Santa Anita, Hollywood Park, Del Mar etc during the 60s and 70s. Also as an owner of an Insurance Agency for twenty years doing Business with LLoyds of London with visits to London and inviorns over a 20 yr. period. Very interesting stuff. Alton Tabor

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Talihina is a town in Oklahoma where I was raised until I was 17 and went in the Navy during ww11, It is a wonderful little town which almost every growing up person leaves for greater opportunity for jobs and a career

    I invite all to read my autobiography  FROM WHENCE I CAME of growing up before my time during the Great Depression of the 30's by an abandoned Mother with five children at the start of the hard times. Serving in the Navy during WW!! in the Pacific, getting a GED and later going

    to the University of Oklahoma and during the 50s working as an actor in Hollywood

    see (www.IMDb.com under Alton Tabor) , then a life as an Owner/Trainer in Thoroughbred Racing in The 70s and 80s as well as owning an Insurance Agency for for Breeding Farms

    and Racing Horses in the 70s, 80s, and  early 90s.  This included doing business with

    LLoyds of London for 20 odd years dotted with 3 to 5 trips a year to London with attendance at the Races at Royal Ascot in the Royal Enclosure where you are elbow to elbow with the Queen and the Royal family.   It is a fun and tragedy story of an extremely poor child of rising from poverty and in adulthood mingling with some of the worlds most noted people.  I hope you will read it and enjoy.

    Alton Tabor

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