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Albert Petty

Albert Petty - Stories


Albert Petty was Founder of Springdale in Southern Utah

    Albert Petty was a native of Kentucky, a convert to the Church, resident of Nauvoo, Pioneer of Utah in 1848, one of the original settlers of Manti in 1849, and founder of the settlement of Springdale in Washington County.

    Albert Petty was born in Bourbon County, Kentucky, on August 10, 1795. He was the son of Ralph and Isabelle McClure Petty.

    When Albert was seven years of age the family moved to Barren County, Tennessee, where the father acquired a large farm. When Albert grew to manhood he moved to Henry County, Tennessee, and there on June 2, 1829, he was married to Catherine Petty. Catherine bore the same name as Albert but they were not relatives.

    Through the teaching of David Patten and Wilford Woodruff, LDS missionaries on Tennessee in 1835, Albert and his wife were converted and baptized. The following year, they traveled to Missouri and joined the main body of the Saints.  In Far West they had the misfortune of losing two of their children in death.

    When the saints were driven from Missouri in 1839, Albert and his family were with them. They settled at Nauvoo where he established himself as a wagon builder and gunsmith. On May 14, 1843, he received his patriarchal blessing under the hands of Hyrum Smith. While living in Nauvoo, Albert served who short missions to Tennessee. He was ordained a High Priest on October 8, 1844.

    After the death of the Prophet, Albert Petty joined the Saints in their exodus to the West. He located at Winter Quarters on the Missouri River and again opened a wheelwright shop.

    In the Spring of 1848 Albert Petty and family joined the Heber C. Kimball company in the long trek to Salt Lake Valley. The journey was completed in September and on his arrival, Albert built a home in Salt Lake City. However he was permitted to remain there only one year. In the fall of 1849 he was asked to join a colony who were about to establish a settlement in Sanpete Valley. He thus bacame on of the original founders of Manti.

    Albert Petty took a leading part in the new community community. In April 1851 he was elected county judge of Sanpete County. He served as a county surveyor and as a counselor to John Lowry, Bishop of Manti Ward. In 1852 he was elected to represent Sanpete County in the Territorial Legislature. In 1855 he was elected mayor of Manti.

    After having lived in Manti a little more than ten years, where he had thoroughly established himself, and after having reached by President Young to take his family and move again to a new community. In 1861 he joined the Cotton Mission in their journey to Southern Utah. He and others found a  favorable location near the entrance to Zion's Canyon, which they named Springdale. Here Albert Petty, the faithful pioneer, spent the balance of his life. He died in Springdale on June 19, 1969. In the little cemetery near the village, a modest headstone marks his last resting plae. But in the towering mountains nearby, one of the peaks has been named Point Petty, in his honor.

      death date is June 19, 1869