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Full Name:
Gary Mark Kaiser 2
Full Name:
Gary M Kaiser 1
08 Aug 1963 1
20 Mar 2003 1
Social Security:
Card Issued: Unknown Code (FO) 1
Social Security Number: ***-**-0409 1

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Graduate of Marist High School and St. Peter's College.

Ran for NJ General Assembly, 32nd Legislative District. Was elected Democratic Committeeman, Downtown Jersey City, several times.

Single-handedly fought for and won a reduction in his home's real estate tax assessment, resulting in a multi-year, several thousand dollar per year reduction in his home's real estate taxes.

Muscle car aficionado. Owner of a 1986 Olds 442, with T-top.

Miss you and thinking of you on your birthday. I wish you were here.

I still can't believe you are gone. It is going to be nine years soon since you left, but I think about you almost every day.

We were a couple in 1981

Jersey City, NJ

We met while working at Rickles,  he was a cashier and I worked in the linen department. He was  great guy and  my first love.

 We use to go clubbing all he time and would occasionally bring his sister with us.

Thinking of you always, Gary, as everyone in your family does, and especially now as we reach the 10th anniversary of your passing. Visited your resting place yesterday and saw the hyacinths were already growing. Would you have been embarrassed to know I couldn't stop crying yesterday at the cemetery, or that I was crying for you on the way home? Uncle Richie

Maxine, thank you for sharing a story about Gary. I hope you can share more with us. Uncle Richie.

Gary attended an advanced summer program for grammar school students at Xavier High School in New York City in the '70s.

Gary beautifully custom-carved a wooden gear shift handle for his '86 Oldsmobile 442 T-top.

Radio License

In 1981, Gary held amateur radio license KA2CJP.

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