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WWII South Pacific Photos


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Bomber Groups in the South Pacific

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Men assigned to armament and bomber groups.

If anyone knows the identity of any of these men, please annotate the images with their names.

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These are pictures of the aftermath of a kamikaze attack.  My father told of one time a kamikaze plane crashed into their runway, doing no damage. They went out and put out the fire and found a young girl, probably about 16, had been chained to the pilot's seat and had been forced to carry out her mission.  She died in the crash.
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Bomber Photos

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I believe all of these photos are of B-24 Liberator bombers. Some of the artwork on the sides of the bombers can be somewhat...explicit... so be forewarned.
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Arming the planes

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Bombs and shells being loaded into the planes. If you look at the first two pictures there is writing on the bomb, with a very obvious "Tojo" written on it.  This is probably a greeting to Hideki Tojo, the Prime Minister of Japan throughout WWII, and the one who ordered the attack on Pearl Harbor.
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Flight Suit

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The flight suit used by flight crews. Note the oxygen mask.  Suits were often electrically heated.
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