WW Woodward, Blackmail Case

WW Woodward, Blackmail Case


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Investigating WW Woodward my great grandfather in-law, I have come to learn that he committed suicide in May 1931 when he was 49 years old in Oklahoma city, OK.  He left a wife, almost 10 years his junior and three small children to include single digit ages.  Helen, Bud, (Whitney Walter-namesake) and Willis Oliver.

W.W. was born in June 1882, perhaps in Missouri, but anotehr census states Kentucky, so who knows.  On his birth certificate, there is not the name of his mother.  Why not?  "You may not alays know your father, but you always know your mother!"

There is not any information related to WW's mother in Missouri and legend states that the father died when WW was an adolescent and his mother died a few years later.  Did he have siblings?  Did anyone have siblings?  Aunts and unlces?

I do not know if WW migrated anywhere in the midwest before he married Adlai Ella Wood.  The two lived in Texarkana, TX while she (surmised) was pregnant with Helen.  The two lived in Creek County while he worked at the Sapaulpa Herald in 1917 and then a few years later, my father-in-law Whitney Woodward was born in McAlester, Oklahoma about 1927.

I did come across two census records for WW Woodward in 1900 in Custer Cty, while the census stated 'Rebecca Moon' was his mother and he was the son, at 17 years old.

Then in 1910 I showed the same WW by himself in the same Custer City and he is a printer at age 27, having his own place and not otehr persons.

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