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Shenandoah County Collateral Relatives in the Civil War


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Raphael Will requests to start a brigade of light artillery

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Raphael Will a member of Company K, 12th VA Cavalry:

Camp 12th VA Cavalry April (1st?) 1864
Hon James A. Seddon,

Dear Sir,
I have been thinking for sometime of requesting the privilege of raising a company of Light Artillery for Rosser's Brigade for service with Gen. Imboden in the Army of Virginia and thinking this proper time for such ____ attempted for the simple reason that of authority be granted I feel satified that _  ------------- our brigade who are good and faithful soldiers who cannot keep themselves properly mounted and who are anxious for __ one of the followers of the ______ and gallant Ashby of which I am one; to form such an organization that they may be still with their comrades in the contest in a manner that shall be most effective as follows the path of him and the lamented and illustious Stonewall Jackson........


  • Camp of the 12th VA Cavalry
  • 2 Apr 1864

Raphael Will is POW at Ft. Delaware

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Rapahael C. Will, Pvt Co K, 12th Virginia Cavalry, was captured march 5th, 1865 in Mt. Jackson, VA by Maj. General Sheridan. The officers were sent to Ft. Delaware and enlisted men to Point Lookout, Md.

For some reason R.C. Will was received at Fort Delaware on march 12th from Winchester, VA. He remained at Fort Delaware until he took the oath of Allegiance on June 12, 1865.

According to his oath paper his residence was Sheanndoah County, VA; He had a sallow complexion, auburn hair and hazel eyes. He was listed as 5ft 11 3/4 inches tall. He was released June 12, 1865

  • Fort Delaware, Delaware
  • 12 Mar 1865

Reuben Pennywitt

Reuben Pennywitt was a first cousin to my third great grandmother, Lydia Pennywitt Neff. Reuben enlisted with Co G. 3 Reg't, 7 Brigade of Virginia Militia on July 19, 1861 at Mt. Jackson, Virginia by E.F. Rinker.

 Reuben was absent without leave from August 3 unil at least Sept 9, 1861. He was present on roll dated Dec 10, 1861 at Winchester, Virginia.

  • Mt. Jackson, Shenandoah Co., Virginia
  • 19 Jul 1861

Jacob Harpine, conscripted into the CSA

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I believe this Jacob would be Jacob Harpine born about 1826 in Shenandoah County, Virginia, son of Jonathon and Susanna (Lindamood).

 Jacob Harpine is found on a card showing enrollment of final disposition of the conscripts at Camp Lee, Virginia Feb 10, 1864.

When and how disposed: Assiged to 7 VA Cavalry March 17, 1864

 (will check and see if can find additional records on Jacob)

  • Camp Lee, Virginia
  • 17 Marc 1864

Jonathon Harpine

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 Jonathon Harpine (born 15 Sept 1843 and died 15 March 1897- son of Abraham and Susanna Zirkel Harpine)

Jonathon Harpine enlisted 7th Virginia Cavalry (Ashby's Cavalry) April 8, 1862 at Hawkinstown by Capt. Koontz for period of three years.

He wrote out his on oath of allegiance as follows:

Cavalry Headquarters Middle Military Division Office of Provost Marshall

New Market, April 20, 1865

I Johnathan Harpine private of Co K 7th VA Cav C.S. Army, do hereby give this my parole of honor that I will not take up arms against the United States government until I am regulary exchanged and that if I am permitted to remain at my home I will conduct myself as a good and peacable citizen and will respect the laws in force where I reside and will do nothing to the detriment of or in opposition to the United States Government.

Signed Jonathon Harpine

Description: age 22, Ht 5'11; complexion- light; eyes- light; hair- light;

sworn and subscribed before me this 20 April 1865 Simon Snyder, Provost Marshall

  • New Market, Shenandoah County, Virginia
  • 20 Apr 1865

Selone Harpine

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Selone Harpine (born about 1845 Shenandoah County, VA; son of Abraham and Susanna Zirkel Harpine) enlisted April 3, 1864 at Falling Springs, (VA) by Capt. Koontz with the 7th VA Cavalry Co. K.


Selone signed his oath of alleg. April 19, 1865 at Winchester, VA at the headquarters of Cavalry Middle Military Division, Office of Provost marshal.

He was 19 years of age; 5'10; dar complexion and dark hair with hazel eyes.

Simon Snyder, Provost marshal

  • Winchester, Virginia
  • 19 Apr 1865

Philip Harpine

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Philip Harpine (believe this is son of Jonathon and Susanna Lindamood) enlisted July 19, 1861 at Mt. Jackson, Virginia by E.F. Rinker as Pvt Co G 3 Reg't, 7 Brig. VA Militia.
  • Mt. Jackson, Virginia
  • 19 Jul 1861

Archibald Riddle or A.A. Riddell

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Archibald A. Riddle enlisted April 18, 1861 as Pvt Co F 10 Reg't Virginia Infantry.

According to his Card # 13 and 15 he was wounded at the battle of Gettysburg, therefore absent when Muster roll was taken.

Feb 17, 1864 he transferred to Co D 18th VA Cavalry. He signed his name as A.A. Riddell.

  • Woodstock, Virginia
  • 18 Apr 1861

Ephraim Will

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Ephraim is a half brother to my 2nd great-grandmother, Sarah Catharine (Will) Neff 

Ephraim Will: age 46

Eighth Battalion Reserves (First Battalion Valley Reserves)

Company Muster-in Roll dated May 5, 1864 New Market (Virginia)

Pvt in Capt. C.K. Moore's Co of Reserves

  • New Market, Shenandoah County, Virginia
  • 5 May 1864

Reuben B. Will

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Reuben B. Will (half brother of my 2nd great-grandmother, Sarah Catharine (Will) Neff)

enlisted at New Market, VA August 20, 1862 into Capt. B.Z. Price'c Co of Light Artillery. He was in Capt. George W. Wooding's Co. Reuben B. Will was present at all muster rolls with his unit. He was listed as a Artificer.

April 20, 1865 Reuben Will appears on a list of Prisoners of War who were paroled April 19 and 20, 1865 at Various Places in Virginia and West Virginia. According to his handwritten oath of allegiance he was paroled April 20, 1865 New Market, Virginia by Simon Snyder, Capt. Reuben Will was 35 years of age, 6ft. He had dark complexion and dark hair and eyes. (page 20)

  • New Market, Shenandoah County, Virginia
  • 20 Apr 1865

John Pennywitt

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I believe this is John Pennywitt, son of Samuel and Sarah Catharine (Miller) Pennywitt.

His card indicates he was a member of One Hundred and Thirty-sixth Militia (Third Regiment, Seventh Brigade, Militia). He only had one card.

  • 136 Virginia Militia

George Pennywitt

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George Pennywitt (son of Samuel and Sarah Catharine (Miller) Pennywitt was in the CSA during 1864: Co C of Chrisman's Batt'n, Virginia Reserves. He has receipts for clothing issued in 1864. He has a total of 4 cards, but only Card # 2 has a date-1864.
  • Chrisman's Batt'n, Virginia Reserves
  • 1864

George Pennywitt

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This is same George Pennywitt with his original enlistment on July 19, 1861 at Mt. Jackson, Virginia with Co G., 97 Virginia Militia (Col. Mann Spitle's VA Militia; 2 Reg't., 7 Brig., Virginia Militia). He was signed up by John Huffman. 

 George was absent without permission from August 23 to Dec 13 (1861)

  • Mt. Jackson, Virginia
  • 19 Jul 1861

Capt. David B. Huffman

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David B. Huffman (son of Frederick and Mary Ann (Pennywitt) Huffman) enlisted at Mt. Jackson May 18, 1861 as  a PVT Co. G, 33 Reg't Virginia Inf.

 David B. Huffman has 46 cards assigned to him.


Muster Roll of August 31, 1861 reveals he was wounded at the battle of manassas on July 21, 1861

He was promoted to 2nd Lieut. April 21, 1862

appears on a list of killed and wounded of Jackson's division at the engagement of Cedar Run, VA Aug 9, 1862 as wounded

He was promoted to Capt. Feb 21, 1863 with one of his responsibilities as requesting supplies and stationary from the CSA

His signature appears for the first time on card # 21

The last date listed in at Camp Pisgah Church 12 March 1864 (card # 23)

According to family stories he was wounded at the 2nd battle of Winchester and later died at home of these wounds.

  • Mt. Jackson, Virginia
  • 18 May 1861

Andrew J. Huffman

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Andrew J. Huffman- I believe this is another son of Frederick and Mary Ann (Pennywitt) Huffman.

Andrew enlisted as a Pvt Co. E, 2 Reg't, 7 Brig VA Militia, 5 July 1861 at Luray, Virginia

  • Luray, Virginia
  • 5 Jul 1861

John H. Huffman

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John H. Huffman enlisted 20 March 1862 at Mt. Jackson, Virginia as a Pvt Co C 33 Reg't, VA Infantry.

He was wounded and taken prisoner at the battle of Kernstown. He later died from wounds received at the battle of Kernstown.  According to family stories John was buried at the German Reformed Graveyard in Winchester, VA by friends of the Huffman family.

 John H. is a son of Frederick and Mary Ann (Pennywitt) Huffman.

  • Mt. Jackson, Virginia
  • 20 Mar 1862

Sgt Samuel Will

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Samuel Will enlisted in the 97th VA Militia on 7 July 1861at Mt. Jackson, Virginia by Cap. A. Peters.  He was listed as 4 Serg Co C, 2 Reg't of 7 Brig. VA Militia on muster roll of 31 December 186.

 This is probably Samuel Will born about 1828 in Shenandoah County, Virginia, son of William and Mary (Newland) WILL. Samuel married Harriet Osborne (or Ozburn) 1850 Shenandoah County, Virginia.

  • Mt. Jackson, Virginia
  • 7 Jul 1861

Nason Will

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Nason Will enlisted as Pvt Co H, 12 Reg't Virginia Cavalry at Timberville, VA on Jan 21, 1864. Nason was son of George and Anna (BARE) WILL who lived in Rockingham County, Virginia near the Shenandoah County border.

 I do not know how my ancestor, George Will is related to Nason's Dad, George Will, but I think there is a connection. Nason was born about 1845 in Rockingham County, VA- which would explain why he enlisted rather late in the war.

  • Timberville (Rockingham Co), Virginia
  • 21 Jan 1864

Thomas J. Will

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Thomas J. Will enlisted August 19, 1861at Mt. Jackson, Virginia. He is listed as Pvt, Co B, 3 Reg't, 7 Brig, VA Militia.

 Thomas J. is most likely a son of John Will. Thomas J. Will was born about 1843. The family of John Will is living in Shenandoah County, Virginia both 1850 and 1860 census and the only WILL family with son named Thomas.

 ( I have to say the enhanced search engine makes it possible for me to locate these WILL soldiers. I had only been able to locate WILL soldiers with more unique names prior to the new search engine. So a big Thank You to Footnote).

  • Mt. Jackson, Virginia
  • 19 Aug 1861

John Will- POW at Ft. Delaware

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John Will was a Pvt, Co K, 7 Reg't Virginia Cavalry. He appeared on a Roll of Prisoners of War who were received at Ft. Delaware from Winchester, VA, March 12, 1865. He was captured at Chanendo, Virginia (Shenandoah).

 He signed an Oath of Allegiance at Fort Delaware, De on 15 June 1865. Additional Information: residence: Shenandoah, VA; complexion: fair; Hair: DK; eyes: grey; ht: 5'4

I checked (NARA Roll  M598_45 )to see if I could locate additional information on John Will, POW at Ft. Delaware. He is listed on the same page as the following WILL's

Will, R.C, 12th Cav Co. C, received from Waynesboro on March 2, 1865

Will, Jno, 7  Cav Co. H, received from Waynesboro on March 2, 1865

Will, Cha P. 7 Cav Co H, Received from Waynesboro on March 2, 1865

  • Chanendo (Shenandoah), Virginia
  • 7 Mar 1865

Dillman Will- killed at Battle of Kernstown

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Dillman Will, son of Philip Adam and Elizabeth Will, enlisted June 18, 1861 at Toms Brook by Capt. Crabill. He was 2Sgt in Co. B, 33 Reg't Virginia Inf.

He was reported absent from muster due to being wounded in shoulder July 21, 1861. Apparently he was able to rejoin his unit and was then killed at the Battle of Kernstown on 23 March 1862.

His widow, Martha Will, filed for settlement in the office of the Confederate States Auditor for the War Department on Dec 26, 1862. He was due $106.03.

  • Kernstown, near Winchester, Virginia
  • 23 Mar 1862

Charles B. Will- POW at Ft. Delaware

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Charles B. Will, son of Lewis Will and Sarah Kerlin,  enlisted April 18, 1861 at Rockingham by Capt. Winfield. He was captured at Shenandoah on 7 March 1865 and subsequently transported to Fort Delaware where he must of had a reunion with lots of cousins, friends, and neighbors. He was released on 15 June 1865 after taking Oath of Allegiance.

He was listed as as resident of Rockingham; light complexion; dark hair; grey eyes; 5'8 ht.

  • Shenandoah, Virginia
  • 7 Mar 1865

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