Shenandoah County Collateral Relatives in the Civil War

Shenandoah County Collateral Relatives in the Civil War


I will post some of the civil war cards for various Shenandoah County, Virginia Confederate Soldiers who just happen to be collateral relatives- should be a lot. Some names to watch for: Neff, Pennywitt, Will; Harpine, Ruddell.Riddle.Ruddle.Jordan

Stories about Shenandoah County Collateral Relatives in the Civil War

Raphael Will requests to start a brigade of light artillery

  • Camp of the 12th VA Cavalry
Will, Raphael C - Page 16
Will, Raphael C - Page 14
Will, Raphael C - Page 15
Will, Raphael C - Page 17

Raphael Will a member of Company K, 12th VA Cavalry:

Camp 12th VA Cavalry April (1st?) 1864
Hon James A. Seddon,

Dear Sir,
I have been thinking for sometime of requesting the privilege of raising a company of Light Artillery for Rosser's Brigade for service with Gen. Imboden in the Army of Virginia and thinking this proper time for such ____ attempted for the simple reason that of authority be granted I feel satified that _  ------------- our brigade who are good and faithful soldiers who cannot keep themselves properly mounted and who are anxious for __ one of the followers of the ______ and gallant Ashby of which I am one; to form such an organization that they may be still with their comrades in the contest in a manner that shall be most effective as follows the path of him and the lamented and illustious Stonewall Jackson........

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