James L. and William E. Pennington of New Brunswick

James L. and William E. Pennington of New Brunswick


The brothers, James L. Pennington (1799-1888) and Rev. William E. Pennington (1803-1884), were sons of the Loyalist James Pennington and his wife Mary (Price) Pennington of New Brunswick, Canada. James became a farmer and lumberman and William was both a farmer and a Baptist preacher.

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  • Queensbury, New Brunswick, Canada

James L.2 Pennington (James_1_, William_A_) was born 16 October 1799 and died 24 February 1888 at Afton, Washington County, Minnesota. He was married 2 August 1827 in York County, New Brunswick, to Mary Ann Gallop, a daughter of Samuel Gallop and Mary Hubbell of Wicklow Parish, York County (later Carleton County), N.B. She was born 14 July 1809 in New Brunswick, probably at Prince William, York County, and died 4 December 1878 in Stillwater, Washington County, Minnesota. James and Mary Ann had at least ten children. He and other family members are buried in the Fairview Cemetery in Stillwater.         James Pennington's family moved from Queensbury Parish, York County, New Brunswick, to Houlton, Aroostook County, Maine, by 1840, and to Hodgdon, Aroostook County, Maine, by 1850. He and his older sons settled in Stillwater, Washington County, Minnesota, in 1854, and his wife and younger children followed in 1856. Apparently James farmed in the summer and logged in the winter. He and his seven sons cut logs and rafted them on the St. Croix and Snake Rivers. As early as 1855 he became the first white settler in Kanabec County, Minnesota, and located on Pennington Lake near Brunswick, about 75 miles northwest of Stillwater. It took James seventeen hours to walk from Brunswick to Stillwater over a rough trail. The family moved back to Stillwater in the early1860s.

Rev. William E. Pennington was born in about 1803 in Queensbury Parish, York County, N.B., and died 27 February 1884 at Houlton, Aroostook County, Maine. He is buried in the Old Waterville Cemetery in the Parish of Wakefield, Carleton County, N.B. and his gravestone is at least eight feet tall. He was married 17 January 1837 in Queens County, N.B., to Isabella Slip or Slipp of Waterborough, Queens County, a daughter of John Slip or Slipp and Hannah Merritt. Isabella was born 7 September 1821 at Hampstead, Queens County, N.B., and died 13 December 1898 at Houlton. William and Isabella had twelve children.         William E. Pennington was converted at age 26 in 1830. The church at Upper Queensbury licensed him as a Free Will Baptist minister in 1831 and he was the first person ordained by the General Conference at a ceremony held at Queensbury in 1832. He is said to have organized more than twenty churches and performed over 1,000 baptisms, mostly in Carleton, York and Westmorland Counties, New Brunswick, and in Houlton, Maine.         Despite the disapproval of some ministers, William and a number of other preachers engaged in commercial activities and did not wear clerical attire. William E. Pennington, a 55-year-old clergyman and farmer, is listed with his wife and six children, all Free Will Baptists, in the 1861 census of the parish of Moncton, Westmorland County, N.B. The census shows that the family ran an active farm with 50 "improved" acres of land and 250 "unimproved" acres, 6 horses, 4 milch cows, 2 working oxen, 3 "other neat cattle," 7 sheep and 6 swine. In the previous year the farm produced 500 lbs. of pork, 400 lbs. of butter, 48 lbs. of cheese and 30 lbs. of wool. The family harvested 40 tons of hay, 40 bushels of wheat, 250 bushels of oats, 200 bushels of buckwheat and 300 bushels of potatoes.         William's family moved from New Brunswick to Houlton, Maine, in about 1844 and back to New Brunswick in about 1858. They returned to Houlton in about 1871 and the next year they moved to Hudson, St. Croix County, Wisconsin. At some point, maybe in the 1870s, they spent four or five years in Minnesota, before returning again to Maine. William's obituary says, "At the time of his death he was pastor of the F. C. Baptist Church in Bridgewater, Me., and preached his last sermon there about five weeks before his death."         For more information on the Pennington family, see my report on the descendants of James Pennington and his wife Mary Price at http://www.onelibrary.com/Genealogy/pennington/index.htm. Also, see my articles, "William Pennington of North Carolina and James Pennington of New Brunswick, Loyalists during the American Revolution," in Pennington Pedigrees, vol. 38, no. 1, pp. 30-39, published by the Pennington Research Association, www.penningtonresearch.org, and "James Pennington of New Brunswick and William Pennington of North Carolina, Loyalists During the American Revolution," in Generations, vol. 27, no. 1 (spring 2005), pp. 42-45, and vol. 27, no. 2 (summer 2005), pp. 22-26, published by the New Brunswick Genealogical Society, www.nbgs.ca.

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