The Assasination of President John F.Kennedy

The Assasination of President John F.Kennedy


The mysteries involved and possibles causes in the asssination of President John F.Kennedy

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_      Todays days the assasination of President John F.Kennedy is a motive of investigation between  not only the historians and many writers,but between many politicians and people that live very close to the President.From his assasination in 22 Nov.1963 until now there are a lot of investigations,expeculations and comments that give many reasons to suspect that in his asssination were involveld not only the man that shot him and that were a lot of motives behind his murder.Many of this people died but others are still alives.In my opinion,Lee Harvey Oswald,the man that make the shot to the president was a common man "used" by others to covered any suspect.In this assasination were involved many people very close to the President with a great influences in his making decissions._

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