Women of the Bounty

Women of the Bounty


Much of the material in this section, including the translations and hypothesized origins of the names of the women, are based on material by Pat Bentley, longtime HMS Bounty researcher, and graduate student at the University of Hawaii.

Faahotu~Consort of John Williams

    She was known by several names:

    • FASTO - English: "fast" (afoot or sexually), adding a final 'o' is frequent in sea-slang
    • FA'AHOTU - be fruitful; the name of a goddess, the equivalent of 'Eve'

    She was the consort of Williams. There is some question as to the cause of her death, with Jenny indicating a scrofulous disease which broke out on her neck, and Beechey indicating that she fell from a cliff while gathering bird's eggs. In either case, her death, and the resulting taking of Nancy by Williams, led to the warfare that resulted in the deaths of nearly all the Pitcairn settlers. She bore no children.

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