Descendants of Nehemiah HUNDLEY

Descendants of Nehemiah HUNDLEY


Nehemiah HUNDLEY of Albemarle, Virginia and presumed to have served in the Revolutionary war. This register aims to chronical his life and his descendants in original source records.

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Notes on the early history of Nehemiah HUNDLEY

  • Virginia

Nehemiah's birth date is disputed. Chatham/Clifford has given that he is likely born 1772/ 1773 but this would not fit with birth date of 1781 for the his oldest child Ann or with his established military service in 1779. From the 1810 census for Nehemiah it is given that he was over age 45 at the time. So he would certainly have been born before 1766 and likely before 1761.]

[There are discrepancies in the testimony giving the death date for Nehemiah. Leonard Drumheller in 1836 testified that Nehemiah died 14th day of November 1831 (this needs to be rechecked - the 1831 could be 1830 but the 1831 fits better with the testimony of Eli Ames. See Testimony transcriptions. However, Nehemiah's son Valentine, gives in 1855 that Nehemiah died 14 November 1833. This revised death date seems to have something to do with the Act of Congress of 7 June 1832. Need further research here ]

Nehemiah married Mildred MARTIN about 1780. Mildred died after 1833 in Albemarle, Virginia.

[Need marriage record, about 1780, for Nehemiah to Mildred]

[Mildred's surname has been proposed as "MARTIN" and some secondary sources have suggested that she was the mother of only some of Nehemiah's children. It should be noted that Nehemiah's youngest child is named Mildred. Other Anns, Elizabeths and Mildreds occur in Nehemiah's descendants. Nehemiah's oldest child, Ann who was born about 1781, names her first daughter born about 1804 "Mildred." Dau. Sarah E. Ryan names 2nd dau. Mildred. Son Valentine names 4th dau. Mildred. Dau. Martha names first dau. Mildred. While the Martin name does not show up in the descendants of Nehemiah the Staples name does. Further research will explore any Hundley / Staples relationships.]

[There is a lack of evidence as to some of the wives for Nehemiah that have been proposed in various database submissions. Further research needed to confirm the mother of the known children of Nehemiah. Nehemiah is suggested by some as having first been married to Ann who is given as mother of children Ann and James. Chatham cites a marriage record for a marriage of a Nehemiah Hundley to Elizabeth CAVE, 25 May 1790 at Orange Co., Virginia. However there appears to be no clear evidence confirming which of the several Nehemiahs that existed at the time she married and no evidence confirming that she is the mother of any of Nehemiah's children.]

From the pension files we have that sometime around 1779:

"Nehemiah Hundley served in the said Revolutionary War, under General McIntosh in the 13th Virginia Regiment Capt of Lieut. Russ, second Lieut Withers that at the time he engaged in the said service he resided in the County of Prince Edward Va and was picked to carry a package to Fort Pitt. and while there enlisted in the service of the aforesaid company."

Virginia Rev. War Records., Box W-, p. 240 - Withers, William, Lt., Army, Additional, William Withers of Culpepper Co., Virginia on 22 March 1831 states that he received a Land Warrant for 2,666 2/3 acres on 23 Feb. 1828. Nehemiah Hundley in Albemarle co., VA on 19 Jan. 1829 states that he was a soldier under Lt. William Withers in 1779 at Pittsburg, PA. Lt. Withers became supernumerary." This record would indicate that if Nehemiah were at least 18 by the year 1779 that he likely would have been born as early as 1761.

Nehemiah Hundley, R5385, 2 pages in pension application on file at the Virginia State Archives in Richmond, Virginia. His son Valentine Hundley filed an affidavit for a pension for the heirs of Nehemiah in Albemarle County on Mar 26 or Feb 1855. He is the son of Nehemiah Hundley who died 14 Nov 1833. (This is a change from earlier testimony by Leonard Drumheller) His children are as named below all living after 1855. He served under General McIntosh in the 13th Va. Regmt. He resided in the Co. of Prince Edward at the time of his service.

In the 1783 Tax rolls for Amherst County, Virginia, the printed transcriptions give Nehemiah Stanley (sic) with 4 white souls. This is likely the same person as the Nehemeah Hundley in the 1785 census with 5 souls. This would indicate that if this is the same Nehemiah Hundley that removed to Albemarle that they had another child, in addition to Ann and James born before 1785. There are Staples and Martin families in this document.

In the 1785 Tax Rolls for Amherst County, Virginia, (used as the 1790 census substitute) Nehemeah Hundley is found with 5 white souls and 1 dwelling. This would include daughter Ann, possibly James and additional unknown child. There are still Martin and Staples families at Amherst and they continue to be there up through the 1850 census for Amherst.

1800 Tax list for Albemarle County, Nehemiah Hundley, with one white male over 21 and one horse (The Virginia Genealogist, p. 118). It would appear then that Nehemiah moved from Amherst to Albemarle before 1800.

(In Albemarle Co. Surveyor's Book No. 2, 1791-1853, Page 8? -- 68 acres on waters of the South Fork of Hardware River, surveyed for Nehemiah Hunley by virtue of a Land Office Treasury Warrant W3378 dated 7th April 1802, surveyed Aug 11, 1806.

In Albemarle Co. Surveyor's Book 2?, page 92? -- 54 acres on the head waters of Hardware and Goodcreeks, surveyed for Nehemiah Hundley by virtue of a land Office Treasury Warrant No. 5373 dated May 12, 1815, surveyed August 9th 1818.

In Albemarle Co. Land Records Book 26, pages 430-431 -- Indenture dated May 26, 1827 -- 68 acres in South Garden, Albemarle, on which Nehemiah and Mildred Hundley live, and bordering lands of George and Leonard Drumheller, are sold to neighbor John Irvin, with a lien placed on it for a judgment of $34.61 for which son-in-law William Beckett was security.- supplied by KOSH, June 2004)

Albemarle land records indicate a grant to Nehemiah Hunley of 68 acres date 17 March 1812. Land "on the water of the South Fork of the Hardware River. George Drumheller, Grants 62, 1811-1812, p. 297. 68-297. [source]

Nehemiah Hundley in Pawlett's book Albemarle County Road Orders 1783-1816.

On March 25, 1820 Nehemiah Hundley received $2.00 from the estate of Samuel W. Anderson (a neighbor, according to Pawlett, above) who died in Albemarle Co, VA in the spring of 1819.

(Source -Albemarle Will Book 7, p. 71, Estate of Samuel W. Anderson, as submitted to rootsweb will archives by Scott Simpson. Under "Report of the settlement of the accounts of the executor for S. W. Anderson, deceased", is a long list of bills paid, including these entries:

1819 -- in Act. with Samuel L. Hart, executor....

1820 -- March 6 [not the 25th as above] [cash] ditto paid Nehemiah Hundley preceipt   $2.00 - supplied by KOSH, June 2004)

In the 1810 census for Albemarle County, Virginia Nehemiah HERNLEY (sic)given as age over 45 (before 1865). He is near John HERNLEY (sic). Nehemiah has 11 persons in his family. John has two in family with 9 slaves. Nehemiah and his wife are over 45 which means that they were born before 1765. Nehemiah has one son and three daughters under 10 (Sarah, b. abt 1802, Martha, b. abt 1804, Nehemiah S. abt 1805, and a daughter ? who would have died before 1855) one son and one daughter between 10 and 16 (Mary, b. abt 1796 and Valentine, b. abt 1800), two sons and one daughter between 16 and 26 (Langsdon b. abt 1793, Randolph, b. abt 1794 and a daughter ? who would have died before 1855) Nehemiah's daughter Ann Drumheller is married and residing with her husband, Leonard Drumheller, John and Thomas are nearby enumerated separately with 9 slaves, son James would be age 22 to 28 and is likely not living at home and Mildred Jane according to later census data isn't born until about 1814. It appears from this census that there are 2 girls not accounted for in the 1855 pension application, one possibly born about 1798 and one born in the 1808 to 1810 range. Mary (Polly) could be either in the 10-16 group or the 16-26 group which would change the birth estimate for one of the unknown daughters.

In the 1820 census for Virginia - There is a Nehemiah HUNDLEY at Franklin, Virginia, p. 150, but we believe that this is a different person. The Nehemiah at Franklin County has 8 in the family. 1 male under 10, 1 male, 10-16, 1 male 16-26, 1 male 45 and older, 1 female under 10, 1 female 10-16, 1 female 26-45. Not a good fit for our Nehemiah

In the 1830 census for Virginia - Haven't located him yet

No gravestone has been located for this Nehemiah or his wife, Mildred.

No probate record has been located for this Nehemiah.

Valentine presents his siblings in the following order in the pension papers. - "Children then living to wit Ann Drumheller James Langsdon Hundley John Hundley Thomas Hundley Langsdon Hundley Randolph Hundley Polly Hundley Sally Hundley Martha, Nehemiah S Hundley and Mildred and this applicant (Valentine)"

Children of Nehemiah Hundley in the order presented by Valentine (except himself) and as living as of Feb. 1855 per sworn affidavit of son Valentine Hundley. There may be other children who died before 1855. The 1810 census would indicate two more daughters, one possibly born about 1798 and one possibly born about 1808.

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