Solomon Northup - Kidnapped & Sold into Slavery

Solomon Northup - Kidnapped & Sold into Slavery


As a free Black American man living in Saratoga, NY, Solomon Northup was kidnapped and sold into slavery in 1841. Twelve years later he was freed by the White family Northups, Solomon's father's former owner. Solomon's autobiography was published in 1853. These documents support his free and slave life.

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Slave manifest confirms Solomon Northup's kidnapping.

  • Richmond Va, New Orleans, La

This slave manifest supports Solomon's autobiography by showing: the ship, Brig Orleans the dates, April-May, 1841 shipper's name, James H. Burch consignee's name, Theo Freeman Solomon's slave name, Platt Hamilton Other slaves onboard with Solomon, Elisa Ann, Drady Cooper, Emily Cooper This document has been shared with the descendants of Solomon Northup, Henry Northup, and the Ft. Edward Museum

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