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Personal Details

Full Name:
Josefa Dieguez 1
19 Mar 1910 1
Dec 1984 1
Last Residence: Hialeah, FL 1
Social Security:
Card Issued: Florida 1
Social Security Number: ***-**-3522 1

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Josefa Dieguez was my paternal grandmother. She had five sons, Adriano who lives in Cuba, Ramiro, Sergio, Dario and Julio who all live in Florida. From the little that I know, Adriano had two sons and they also are in Cuba. I know very little about them. Ramiro married Antigone and has one son, Paul, who also lives in Florida and is an attorney. Sergio married Lazara Urrutia and had three daughters, Mercedes, Lourdes and Carmen. They are currently divorced. Mercedes married John Wierman and has a son, Matthew and a daughter, Melissa. Lourdes is single. Carmen is currently married to William Salazar. She has a son, Daniel and a daughter, Demi from a previous marriage to Hector Rivera. She has one son, Devin with William Salazar. Dario married Marta Vasquez and they have one son, Dario. Dario and Marta are divorced. Julio was married but I do not know the wife's name. They have one daughter, Ana. (By the way, I am Lourdes Dieguez)

Memories of my Grandmother

Miami, Florida

I have many fond memories of my Grandmother, Josefa. I was a small child when she came to live with us in Toledo, Ohio. She use to take time to show us how to pray a rosary, how to make and embroider handkerchiefs from scratch, how to recycle candles to make a new candle, how to cook. My best memories of her were of the flans, arroz con leche and natilla that she made. I have preserved her recipe for flan. These memories I hold very special in my heart. 

Message to Lourdes Dieguez

North Carolina



My name is Edith Lebrato Shepherd. Adriano Dieguez married and divorced my aunt Hilda Diaz. My cousins (and yours) are Adriano Ernesto Dieguez Diaz who lives in Havana with his wife and three children,(two girls and one boy) his brother Dario Antonio Dieguez Diaz lives in Madrid with his wife and two sons.

My aunt visited Miami in 2000 and saw some of Adriano's brothers. I will love to hear from you since I am in contact with Adriano and Dario.

Dear peliroja: I am Dario, Miami, Fl Ramiro's son. I also lived in toledo, ohio.I still don't know who you are and how you fit in our family. will u explain? I would like to correspond with you since YOU ARE FAMILY. Please, reply to Thank you for having such wonderful memories of my mother.

My name is Paul Anthony Dieguez, and I am related to you guys. My father is Ramiro Dieguez, Dario's brother (Dario is my Uncle). The Ramiro Dieguez ou are refering to is my grandfather. I am a lawyer in Melbourne, Florida. you can contact me through which is my law firm's werbsite. I would love to hear from you.

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