Benjamin Franklin- Renaissance Man

Benjamin Franklin- Renaissance Man


Among the most important figures in the advancement of the American Revolution.

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Among the first copies of "Poor Richard's Almanac"

  • Provo, UT

While participating in an early American history course at Brigham Young University, our professor began a discussion about the influential events transpired during the life of Benjamin Franklin.  Because of his success as a printer, Franklin was familiar with the many literary circles that developed as a result of modernization in the American Colonies.  One such document, Poor Richard's Almanac, was among the first magazine published in the colonies, offering satires and normal advice for the colonists.  Due to Franklin's relentless pursuit to better himself, such a document allowed others a glimpse into his keen intellect, despite his published authorship being different.  Such was the beginning of real options of American identity, and their influence in the gradual American Revolution.

Among the greatest short biographies of Benjamin Franklin was that by historians Roderick Nash and Gregory Graves entitled "From These Beginnings."  One such entry from this book explains how the Poor Richard's Almanacs simply "pointed the way to wealth; once arrived, Franklin expected, people should know how to apply their means to worthwhile ends."  His daily schedule reflected such accepted doctrine, and explains how his eventual wealth allowed him to pursue other worthwhile causes to become a true gentleman.  This was quite impressive, as evidenced in his other literary accomplishments.

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